“101km, a huge slow curve!” Overpowering Kang Kang-seon with ‘the aesthetics of slowness’, American media and broadcasters are fascinated by Ryu Hyun-jin

Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto Blue Jays) silenced the Texas Rangers batting lineup, which ranked first in batting average for the American League team, with the beauty of slowness.온라인카지노

Ryu Hyun-jin started the second game of the 2023 Major League Baseball four-game home game against the Texas Rangers held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 13th (Korean time) and finished the season despite pitching well, allowing 5 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 5 strikeouts, and 3 runs in 6 innings. It was the 3rd loss (3 wins). The first quality start after surgery did not lead to victory as the batting line failed to target Texas veteran Max Scherzer.

Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitching itself was reminiscent of his prime. He gained the upper hand in the timing battle with batters by using a variety of breaking balls such as curves, change-ups, cutters, and sinkers under a 90-mile (144 km) four-seam fastball at the right time. He blocked the Texas power hit line with 1 walk and no hit until the 3rd inning, and stayed on the mound until the 6th inning despite Robbie Grossman’s go-ahead two-run shot in the 3rd and Jonah Haim’s sacrifice fly in the 6th. The ratio of strikes (59) to balls (23) was also ideal.

The scene that local media and broadcasters paid attention to was Ryu Hyun-jin’s fantastic slow curve. Starting with a 65 mph (104 km) curve thrown to Ezekiel Duran after 2 outs in the second inning, he struck out Nathaniel Rowe with a 62.6 mph (100 km) slow curve in the 4th inning, and in other critical situations, he minimized the number of runs conceded by utilizing expert changes in velocity. This was Ryu Hyun-jin’s way of surviving in a major league filled with fireballers.

[Photo] Ryu Hyun-jin ⓒGettyimages (Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

[Photo] Ryu Hyun-jin ⓒGettyimages (Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

American media ‘Sports Illustrated (SI)’ said after the game, “Ryu Hyun-jin froze Low with an incredible slow curve of 63 miles per hour. Rowe, who was completely taken aback by Ryu Hyun-jin’s extreme change in velocity, could not hide his despair as he returned to the dugout. “After throwing a series of 87 mph four-seam fastballs, Ryu Hyun-jin drastically lowered his velocity to 63 mph.”

He continued, “Ryu Hyun-jin’s curve, which is reminiscent of a batting ball or a soft toss during batting practice, appears high based on the strike zone, but eventually falls to the center, freezing Rowe. He added, “Ryu Hyun-jin’s slow curve is quite strategic.”

Local broadcasters in the U.S. also expressed their admiration for Ryu Hyun-jin’s slow aesthetics. The broadcaster said, “Ryu Hyun-jin’s strength against power pitcher Max Scherzer is his elaborate location. “He can throw a great slow curveball,” he said, giving a thumbs up.

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