‘115 10K’ Jang Jae-young “Borrowing the power of blood…”

He is a pitcher that the baseball world pays attention to.

Kiwoom’s Jang Jae-young is raising expectations with a definite change by striking out 10 matches in one game in the Australian league.

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KBO League The Australian league where promising players participate every year to gain experience during the off-season.

Starter Jang Jae-young strikes out with a 151km fastball in the first inning.

From the second episode, the three-strike show begins in earnest.

Strike out every 5 times with a slider that spans the corner of the strike zone and a cool fastball with a maximum speed of 150km in the middle!

There were also sad moments.

This scene seemed like a strikeout to anyone.

Even the relay camera misunderstood it, but unfortunately it was declared a ball.

The next pitch was followed immediately by a home run.

Player Jang Jae-young, it’s a look that I regret a lot.

Still, he continued his courageous pitching without wavering.

He threw 115 pitches through the eighth inning, striking out 10!

In particular, there was not a single walk.

He struck out 37 and walked 9 in 30 innings in 6 games in the Australian league.

Last year, the first year of his debut, there was a game where he failed to fill even one inning and walked back in a row, and his control was not satisfactory this year as well.

Even considering the level of the Australian league, it would be nice to see an improvement in the walk-to-strikeout ratio.

Last month, his finger was injured while pitching, but the scene where he didn’t mind and spread his own pitch was also impressive.

[Jang Jae-young/Kiwoom]
“If you don’t give points, you can get all these wounds. It’s not a big injury, but there’s a lot of blood here, so I borrowed the power of blood and threw it hard.” 메이저사이트

Exactly what everyone expected.

Next year, I look forward to the KBO League as well.