’28 points big success’ Kang I-seul “I was desperate for victory, Park Ji-soo welcomes the return”

 Kang I-seul played a double-double over the previous sluggish game and decorated Park Ji-soo’s return match with victory. 

Iseul Kang started the 3rd round match of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league against Bucheon Hana 1Q at the Bucheon Gymnasium on the 17th, and had a double-double with 28 points and 10 rebounds, including 6 3-point shots in 30 minutes and 29 seconds. made a record Cheongju KB Stars won 77-60 with Kang I-seul and Kim Min-jung contributing 23 points and 6 rebounds.

In the game against Asan Woori Bank (12th), it was sluggish with 3 points, but Kang Isul was ‘Stephen Dew’ that day. She continued to score well into the fourth quarter, and while she attempted 12 3-pointers, making 6 of them, she recorded a 50% 3-pointer success rate. Kang I-seul boasted a good shooting feeling as she succeeded in 3 3-pointers from the 1st quarter.

After the game, Isul Kang said, “I lost to Hana 1Q in the second round. As I returned from injury, I thought the mood would rise after that, but I lost to Hana 1Q and lost in a row, so the mood was not good.” conveyed his impressions.

In addition, Kang Iseul said, “I tried a lot to win regardless of Park Ji-soo’s return. It seems that Park Ji-soo came in comfortably from the first half when Park Ji-soo did not come in because the start was good.”

The topic that came up even before the game on this day was the ‘return of national center center Park Ji-soo’. With Park Ji-soo’s return, KB Stars was able to re-equip their champions last season.

Regarding Park Ji-soo’s return, Kang I-seul said, “First of all, Park Ji-soo is not yet in perfect condition, so I would like to improve his condition rather than doing something on the court.”

He continued, “Today is Park Ji-soo’s first game, and he has just joined the movement, so he is starting from the beginning again. When Park Ji-soo comes in, there is a feeling of pressure from the opponent. And he is most comfortable with the screen part, and even if he is not aggressive, he is a player with two defenses, so he is breathless,” adding Park Ji-soo effect. 토토

Iseul Kang, who suffered from a back injury this season, said, “My back has improved a lot.” I was hit like a bruise before, so it’s okay,” he said about his injury.

“Because we don’t know what Park Ji-soo’s condition will be right now, it seems more important for him to overcome the team himself. He will try hard,” revealing her determination for the rest of his season.