3 runs in the first half… Daegu FC collapsed in front of 45,000 spectators

It was a helpless defeat. Daegu FC, a professional football team that went on an expedition to Seoul, collapsed miserably by conceding three goals in the first half alone. Daegu’s strengths, defense and set-piece concentration, were nowhere to be found.

Daegu lost 0-3 in an away game against FC Seoul in the 6th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 8th.

On this day, Daegu, with the injured Sejingya excluded from the list, strengthened the defense and went out with a polite tactic aiming for a counterattack.

Daegu continued stable operation at the beginning of the game, but in the 12th minute Seoul Hwang Eui-jo succeeded in a penalty kick and conceded a variable early. It was a penalty kick awarded for a handball foul by Daegu defender Kim Kang-san in the process of blocking Seoul’s corner kick earlier.

Daegu, in a hurry, launched a wave of offensive. However, it was seen that he abused opportunities by overdoing meaningless long passes, and even if he took chances, his goal-making ability did not follow.

At least, the player who stood out in the attacking line was the veteran Edgar. Edgar aimed for Seoul’s goal with a right-footed shot in the 22nd minute and a header shot in the 31st minute, but it failed.

Afterwards, Seoul broke Daegu’s momentum by adding two more goals.

In the 33rd minute, Seoul’s Kwon Wan-kyu’s header shot from a corner kick hit the post and bounced off, but Na Sang-ho, who had been positioned in advance먹튀검증, pushed it with a non-stop shot.

In the 41st minute, Seoul Palosevich shook Daegu’s goal again with a fantastic left-footed free kick. Daegu gatekeeper Oh Seung-hun was a trajectory that could not even react properly.

With this, Seoul achieved a record of scoring 3 goals in the first half in 10 years since 2013.

In the second half, the situation was not much different. Daegu’s side defender Keita joined the attack and hit consecutive shots in the 49th and 51st minutes, but it was far from a goal.

Daegu’s concentration seemed to have disappeared after several unsuccessful attempts. Not only did they give the initiative to Seoul, but their defense was also unstable.

In the 73rd minute, Daegu’s defense was unable to properly handle the ball, creating a one-on-one chance for Na Sang-ho. Na Sang-ho’s shot that followed was inaccurate and missed the goal greatly, but it was a situation where additional goals were possible.

Daegu put in a series of strikers to avoid a goalless defeat, but the result could not be changed. Seoul knocked on Daegu’s goal right before the end of the game, but no additional goals were scored.

On the other hand, the match on this day attracted 45,07 spectators, with singer Lim Young-woong as the host. It was the largest number of spectators in the K-League after Corona 19, as well as the largest number of spectators in professional sports.

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