500m away from Apple Gangnam… Samsung Electronics opens ‘Samsung Gangnam’ targeting MZ generation

Samsung Electronics announced on the 20th that it will open an experiential flagship store called ‘Samsung Gangnam’ in Gangnam, Seoul where MZ generations can freely communicate.

‘Samsung Gangnam’, introduced by Samsung Electronics, is located near the intersection of Gangnam Station. It will officially open on the 29th at 5pm.

Samsung Gangnam consists of 6 floors, from the 1st basement level to the 5th floor. You can meet Samsung Electronics’ latest products in various experiential spaces메이저사이트.

From this day, Samsung Electronics started promoting Samsung Gangnam by utilizing ‘Media Pole’ and 27 electronic display boards in Gangnam-daero. A teaser video announcing the opening of Samsung Gangnam was sent out, and the exterior walls of the building were also wrapped in symbolic colors. For consumers visiting on the opening day, Samsung.com has also started accepting online reservations.

Samsung Gangnam is 500m away from ‘Apple Gangnam’, which Apple introduced in March. As Samsung and Apple introduce experiential flagship stores side by side around Gangnam Station, a hot place in Seoul, the competition surrounding the MZ generation is expected to intensify.

An official from Samsung Electronics said, “Samsung Gangnam is a mecca of new and enjoyable experiences for MZ customers, and will become a playground where they can freely find it at any time.”

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