A “hair-raising” first for Asia’s No. 1 scale-up

Asia’s largest bird park, Bird Paradise, has opened in Singapore. Bird Paradise, which opened on Aug. 8, is located within the Mandai Wildlife Park in northern Singapore. It is mammoth in size, covering 170,000 square meters (about 51,400 square feet).

Opening ceremony at the Shilla Hotel guesthouse in Jangchung-dong / Photo by Kwon Hyo-jung Travel+ Reporter
Mandai Wildlife Group (Mandai Group) recently held a press conference in Seoul to introduce Bird Paradise.

Mr. Jin Choy, Head of Marketing, Mandai Wildlife Group and Ms. Angeline Tang, Head of Korea Office, Singapore Tourism Board / Photo by Hyojung Kwon, Travel+ Reporter
Mandai Group is a Singapore-based entity that was rebranded from the Singapore Wildlife Conservation Society and established as Mandai Group on October 13, 2021. It operates most of the zoos in Singapore and is responsible for the ongoing revitalization of the Mandai district.

Bird Paradise’s predecessor was Jurong Bird Park, a popular attraction for 52 years. Jurong Bird Park closed in January. It was rebranded as Bird Paradise, relocated, and added a wider variety of birds.

In preparation for the opening, animal care teams and veterinarians worked around the clock for the past few months. Moving over 3,000 birds was a huge undertaking and required a lot of hard work and care. Thankfully, the birds have settled into their new home.

A home for the world’s most endangered species

People watching at Penguin Cove / Photo = Mandai Wildlife Group
Bird Paradise is emerging as a new home for some of the world’s most endangered species. Breaking down Bird Paradise, the must-see attractions include eight walk-through aviaries, Penguin Cove, and Winged Sanctuary.

The walk-through aviaries allow you to walk through and observe a variety of birds. The lush forest setting makes for an immersive experience.

Penguin Cove is a multi-level indoor habitat for penguins that covers about 3000 square meters (about 900 square feet). It is designed to complement the penguin breeding cycle by replicating an Antarctic offshore island environment. Winged Sanctuary focuses on rare species with high conservation value. The Socorro pigeon is already extinct in the wild. Thanks to the breeding efforts of Mandai Wildlife and other organizations, the species can be maintained.

Other lesser-known but treasured birds include the Philippine eagle, black pigeon, straw-headed firebird, black-winged guan, and blue-throated golden parrot. The center will open in two phases.

From feeding to therapy

Travelers participating in a feeding experience/photo = Mandai Wildlife Group
There are plenty of activities for visitors. The ‘backstage pass’ program allows guests to participate directly or indirectly in how keepers care for the birds. At the Avian Healthcare Research Center, you can watch veterinarians treat birds.

The Avian Breeding Research Center showcases the park’s conservation and breeding programs, including Asian songbirds and endangered parrots. Behind-the-scenes tours are offered year-round. Jurong Bird Park’s much-loved feeding experience continues. All proceeds go towards the protection of endangered species.

A paradise for nature and wildlife

Bird Paradise is home to a wide variety of birds/photo = Mandai Wildlife Group
Visitors enter through the Forest Gateway, an 85-meter-long archway on Mandai Lake Road.

After passing through this, you will reach the Bird Paradise and the Mandai Wildlife Park West Building. Travel along Mandai Lake Road, passing under the Wildlife Bridge (an animal crossing designed to allow safe travel through the forest) to access Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, and Night Safari.

As you enter the west wing of Mandai Wildlife Park, the first thing you’ll see is a 10-meter-high waterfall. The waterfall was created to honor the local rainforest. It’s modeled after the Madakaripura waterfall in Indonesia.

The ultimate in hands-on learning, Mandai Wildlife Park West Building스포츠토토

Interacting with birds / Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group
The west wing of Mandai Wildlife Park features two play areas, Pangolin Adventure and Pangolin Hideout, inspired by the Malayan Pangolin (Sunda Pangolin), a species endemic to Singapore. Here, children can learn about native wildlife and nature through hands-on climbing, burrowing, and more.

In Forest Stream, a celebration of forest ecosystems, kids can weave root-like structures inspired by mangrove forests. The Epiphytic Cluster explores species found at different heights in the forest and features epiphytic plants, including orchids, and plants that flower and bear fruit on stems or branches.

The Foraging Trail showcases rainforest treasures used as food and medicinal resources. The Green roof, located along the parking lot connector, features flowers and plants native to Singapore. The green roof reduces the ambient temperature and purifies the air.

Sustainable dining and shops

The 85-meter-long entrance archway to Bird Paradise/Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group
At the heart of Mandai Wildlife’s west wing are a variety of dining facilities and shops. It will also house Unpackt, Singapore’s first zero-waste grocery and lifestyle store.

Bird Paradise strives to provide a dining and shopping experience that is plant-based, sustainably sourced, uses recycled materials and environmentally friendly packaging.

Electric vehicle charging stations, bike racks, recycling bins, drinking fountains, biodegradable products, and reusable bags are prominently used. Food waste is recycled at the Mandai Wildlife Park West Building in a digester that can break down two tons of food waste in 24 hours.

Every day, Bird Paradise hosts five

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