A man in his 30s walking on the Grand Canyon Skywalk dies after falling 1,200m

A man in his 30s died after falling from the Skywalk 스포츠토토in Grand Canyon National Park, a tourist attraction in the United States. According to foreign media such as USA

Today on the 17th (local time), local police said that a 33-year-old man fell about 1200m down from the edge of the Grand Canyon Skywalk around 9 am on the 5th. Police have not confirmed the exact identity of the man. The Mojave County Sheriff’s Office explained that a helicopter was used to search for the man, but the man was eventually found dead under a cliff. Foreign media reported that it was not yet confirmed whether the man had been in an accident or made an extreme choice, and that the investigation by the authorities was ongoing. The Skywalk, installed in 2007, is a horseshoe-shaped glass bridge. Passing over the transparent bridge, you can enjoy the superb view of the Colorado River flowing down the Grand Canyon.

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