‘A player who knows basketball’ Korea University Kim Jae-hyeon, should he fire a flare?

 “I don’t think there is a more valuable compliment than saying that you know basketball.”

Kim Jae-hyeon (190cm, G), a senior at Korea University, is preparing for the season in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do for about two weeks from the 13th (Mon) to the 25th (Sat). After frequent absences last season due to a wrist injury, he is working hard to restore his self-esteem.스포츠토토

After graduating from Ilsan Elementary School, Kwangshin Middle School, and Kwangshin Broadcasting Arts High School, Jaehyun Kim entered Korea University as the 21st class. With his accurate shooting ability and strength in game assembly, he was expected to become a great force in front of Korea University when he entered. This is because Kim Jae-hyun, who stood out in high school, was a promising player enough to be selected as the winner of the 18th Kim Hyun-jun Scholarship of the Thunders along with Yang Jun-seok (currently Changwon LG) and Cho Min-geun (currently Hanyang University).

However, after entering college, his skills did not live up to expectations. His two previous cruciate ligament injuries have hampered his athletic ability, and his previous performance was nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, he suffered from a wrist injury in the middle of last season and missed many games.

Kim Jae-hyun, whom I met during his field training, said, “I gained a lot of confidence through Geoje field training. He feels that he is in better shape than last year. In fact, last year, he felt that all the players around him were better than me, and there was no injury trauma. But now he is in a much better state psychologically.”

Having gone through twists and turns since childhood, he is in the midst of preparing to take off this season. Coach Joo Hee-jeong checked the utilization of Kim Jae-hyeon through a practice match against a high school. Kim Jae-hyeon’s original position, shooting guard, as well as forward basketball, has been appointing Kim Jae-hyeon as number 1 and is pouring affection.

Director Joo Hee-jeong said, “Kim Jae-hyun is a player with a long basketball career. He’s grown up and had injuries, and he’s rarely been in shape, but I think he’s a player who knows basketball. He evaluated Kim Jae-hyun, saying, “This season, he is trying to bring out his strengths while taking over the reading.”

Regarding this, Kim Jae-hyun said, “The coach encourages me by saying, ‘You know how to play basketball, so just lift up your body. In fact, to say that a basketball player knows basketball is a really nice compliment to hear. But I was also a player who kept getting hurt at key moments. This season, I want to lift and upgrade my body. I am in very good shape right now,” he said.

“Last season, when I heard that our team’s weak point was the shooter, my pride was hurt a lot. But I think it came out because I couldn’t help the team. Now that I am in my senior year, I want to prove myself. It is a season in which I have a lot of responsibility and a lot of confidence, so I have high expectations for myself,” he said, expressing his expectations for the upcoming season.

Will Kim Jae-hyeon, a ‘player who knows basketball’ recognized by coach Joo Hee-jung, be able to regain his past glory? Let’s watch Kim Jae-hyun’s move this season, who shouted for resurrection.

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