A police officer in his 20s who had sex with a female middle school student several times “agreed”… Another minor prostitution charge added

An incumbent police officer who turned himself in for having sex with a teenager was arrested. In the course of the investigation,먹튀검증 the police officer was additionally charged with requesting sexual exploitation from the other female student or engaging in another minor prostitution.

According to multiple media reports on the 19th, the Northern Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency arrested a 25-year-old police officer from Seongdong Police Station in Seoul the day before on charges of raping a minor.

Policewoman A is accused of having sex with Miss B, a first-year middle school student she met on social media from February of this year, about 10 times, and even requesting sexual exploitation.

Initially, police officer A tried to report her, saying that Miss B’s parents had an ‘inappropriate relationship with a minor’, but she turned herself in, saying, “It was consensual sex.” However, in the course of her subsequent investigation, it was additionally revealed that she handed her mobile phone to Miss B and made her take naked videos and pictures several times.

Police also captured suspicious transfers from Officer A’s bank account. It was revealed that he transferred amounts such as 30,000, 50,000, and 100,000 won to accounts under different names over several months from the beginning of this year. The police are expanding their investigation after finding out that the transferred money is the money for prostitution of minors. The police currently believe that

police officer A has been habitually prostitution of minors through social media . Police officer A is known to have told his colleagues in particular that he was ‘meeting a minor’.

Police officer A is said to be denying the charges, saying that there was no coercion during the police investigation.

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