A press conference that ended in the worst way with ‘alumni answers and frustrating interpretation’… It was the exact opposite of 4 years ago

The press conference of Michael Müller, chairman of the National Power Enhancement Committee, ended in ‘worst’. 

On the 28th, the Korea Football Association held a press conference with Michael Müller, head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, on the appointment of Klinsmann as the new Korean national team coach.

The association announced through a press release the day before that ‘Director Klinsman has been appointed as the new head coach’. The contract period is until the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America, and the salary is not disclosed. The condition of living in Korea, not working from home, was also included.

Chairman Muller said that he considered the process of appointing Klisman from various angles. “It is not a decision alone. 61 people, 23 people, and 5 people went through the reasoning process in the order. Of the 5 people, only Klins was the first negotiator and received a positive answer. , ▲How to manage the stars, ▲Can teamwork be strengthened in various situations, ▲We saw whether they were motivated.”

However, the press conference as a whole did not go smoothly. First of all, it was the unnecessary paraphrase of the interpreter. Exaggerated expressions such as “Klinsman was the perfect person” were included. Although Chairman Müller’s English was slow and not long, the interpretation was excessively long. I tried to explain the explanation that Wiwojang omitted, but the chairperson explained it again later, and the situation where the content overlapped several times.

It was questionable whether he could communicate smoothly with the chairman. Müller often spoke in an indirect manner rather than giving precise answers to reporters’ questions. It was like that from the beginning. To the question, ‘Please tell me about the process of appointing Klinsman in detail’, the answer was ‘why was Klinsman interested in Korea’. When I protested, ‘Isn’t the interpretation not delivered properly?’, the interpreter replied, “I delivered the question, but you only say the same thing.” Communication between the two was difficult. As the alumni press conference continued for over an hour, the frustration was evident at the site.안전놀이터

Press conferences like this could happen in the future. The interpreter on this day belongs to the operation team of the Korea Football Association. From now on, I plan to take charge of the team manager and assist the chairman. It is known that the Klinsman interpreter is newly selected, but the chairperson’s interpreter will continue to be in charge.

The opposite situation unfolded from the press conference held by former chairman Kim Pan-gon four years ago. Chairman Kim answered the reporters’ questions with accurate logic. He coolly scratched the curious parts and revealed the appointment process in detail. However, at the end of this press conference, there was nothing left. It only rekindled distrust in the Association.

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