A veteran showed it in person “The important thing in golf is not the flight distance”

“I don’t really care.”

Park Sang-hyun (40), who finished the first round of the Woori Financial Championship (total prize money of 1.5 billion won) on the 11th, spoke insignificantly. It means that Jung Chan-min (24) and Lim Seong-jae (25), who were in the same group, hit long shots, but they only focused on what they had to do.

Even in the first round, Park Sang-hyun’s skill level surpassed Lim Seong-jae and Jeong Chan-min. Among the three players who played together, Park Sang-hyun recorded a 4-under 68 with 5 birdies and 1 bogey, and tied for second place. Im Seong-jae and Jeong Chan-min recorded 1 under par.

Jeong Chan-min recorded a먹튀검증 12-hole driver distance of 312.15 yards and Lim Seong-jae 281.84 yards. Park Sang-hyun was only 266.39 yards. Even on the 1st hole alone, Jeong Chan-min’s tee shot was 313.19 yards, Lim Seong-jae’s 299.51 yards, and Park Sang-hyun’s was only 268.72 yards. There was a noticeable difference in flight distance, but in terms of results, Park Sang-hyun was excellent.

Jeong Chan-min, who played with Park Sang-hyun, raised his thumb, saying, “It’s not for nothing that the modifier “veteran” was attached.

Lim Seong-jae also said, “I think I’ve played with Pro Park Sang-hyun for the first time since 2017. It was great in the past, but it’s still the same. Especially, putting is good today. I always seem to go out in my own style.”

Park Sang-hyun said, “I know very well that I am a player with a lot of distance anyway, so I shouldn’t put effort into that. In golf, the first thing in golf is not distance, but score. I think I did well in my own way,” he said. I have an experience like this in a competition. I am not embarrassed,” he laughed.

He continued, “Overall, today’s pin positions were all difficult. So I thought that the scores wouldn’t be good, so I tried to find a sense of the course as much as possible. If I practice more shots and putts, I’ll get good results.”

Park Sang-hyun was 84th in driving distance last year, but tied for 10th with an average number of putts of 1.78 and ranked 15th with an average of 70.9615 strokes. He has not won this year, but has been steadily active on the Korean Tour, winning two wins in 2021 and one last year. 

This year, he also finished runner-up at the DB Insurance Pro US Open and tied for third at the Korea Championship. Park Sang-hyun, who still looks competitive among younger juniors, is aiming for 12 wins in his Korean tour career with his skill at the forefront.

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