Amid extreme inflation, 500,000 British teachers and civil servants went on strike

300,000 public school teachers in the UK have taken to the streets.

They are asking for wages to rise in line with extreme inflation, and students and parents joined in.

This is reporter Han Mi-hee.


Children joined the protesters marching down Downing Street in London, England.

Parents and students came together to protest demanding higher wages for teachers.

<Moving forecast-Asan / Student (10 years old)> “My school is having difficulties because the teachers are not getting enough salaries. I missed school because I thought the teachers should be paid more.”

<Sophie Timson / Parent> “I’m here to support the teachers and other parents who teach my child and his friends. They say they cut things like free meals, which is a lifeline for many families in our school.”

About 300,000 teachers took part in the strike that day, and 85% of the 23,000 public schools in England and Wales were all or partly closed.

The average annual salary of a public school teacher in England is 39,000 pounds, or about 59 million won in our money.

“Teachers’ salaries have fallen horribly over the past 12 years, creating a crisis in hiring and retaining schools. Schools can’t find teachers, teachers are leaving. going.”

About 500,000 people took part in the strike, including teachers, government officials and university staff, railway engineers and London bus drivers.스포츠토토

In the UK, as inflation continues to rise at 10%, the highest level in 40 years, strikes demanding higher wages continue.

Strikes in the public sector are expected to continue for the time being, with nurses and paramedics warning of a strike, and firefighters also deciding to strike.

The government, which has put inflation control as its biggest task, is showing a tough stance against strikes, saying that wage hikes can fuel inflation.

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