Asian Representative Best Eleven Revealed…Korean Son Heung-min – Lee Kang-in – Kim Min-jae sortie

Among the 11 players representing Asia, a total of 3 Korean players were included.

On the 30th (Korean time안전놀이터), the soccer statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’ revealed the best lineup for each continent (Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Asia). Let’s check out which players have been selected from countries belonging to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

The formation was 3-2-3-2. The front two tops were Son Heung-min (Korea) and Mehdi Taremi (Iran). It is safe to say that Son Heung-min is the all-time Asian number one. He scored 23 goals in the English Premier League (EPL) last season, becoming the first Asian to become the EPL top scorer, and has a history of rising to the final 11th place in the 2022 Ballon d’Or. Taremi is also a top striker who plays an active part in FC Porto.

The second line was occupied by Japan. Kaoru Mitoma, Daichi Kamada, and Ritsu Doan (Japan) came out. All three players are second-tier resources that Japan is proud of. Mitoma has recently been raising his ransom at Brighton, and Kamada and Doan are also key players in the Bundesliga.

In the third line, Lee Kang-in (Korea) and Morita Hidemasa (Japan) scrambled. In terms of position, Lee Kang-in is mainly deployed in the second line, but in this formation, he came out as a midfielder. Lee Kang-in is a key midfielder in Mallorca and is the future of Korean football. Morita is building his career at Sporting Lisbon.

The defenders were Tomiyasu Takehiro (Japan), Harry Suta (Australia), and Kim Min-jae (Korea Republic). First of all, Kim Min-jae is showing an overwhelming performance in Naples this season. Thanks to Kim Min-jae’s performance, Napoli came close to winning the league this season.

Tomiyas is an excellent defensive player enough to play for Arsenal. However, he has been struggling with frequent injuries recently. Suta is 198cm tall and plays for Leicester City.

The goalkeeper is Matthew Ryan (Australia). He is a veteran currently playing for Copenhagen and a goalkeeper who has accumulated a lot of experience in the EPL in the past.

The squad’s total ransom was 266 million euros (about 376.1 billion won), with Son Heung-min taking first place with 60 million euros (about 84.8 billion won) and Kim Min-jae taking second place with 50 million euros (about 70.7 billion won). . Lee Kang-in’s ransom was 15 million euros (approximately 21.2 billion won).

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