Athlete records and schedule ‘At a glance’… The KLPGA official website has changed drastically

 The Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) has renewed the KLPGA official website.

The most different온라인카지노 thing is that it has been reborn as a ‘website only for golf fans’. When accessing the homepage, the feed and record of the currently held competition are first exposed. In addition, in the main menu at the top, you can easily find tour-related information such as leaderboards, tour schedules, players and records.

Here, ‘Ultra Marine’ color was applied as the main color for the new homepage. It contains the meaning of KLPGA reaching out to the world by delivering the energy of hope.

In addition to the existing 2D shot tracker, the 3D shot tracker service has been added to the leaderboard provided during the tournament so that golf fans can enjoy all the shots of the contestants more vividly in 3D images.

In addition, the record part was strengthened. In particular, all records of scattered players were included on each player’s individual page. Through the player page, you can view the player’s detailed records by competition as well as official career records, season/course records, distance records, and all-time records in detail.

It is also noteworthy that the Korean golf association developed ‘Strokes Gained’ for the first time. Stroke gain is a figure that derives the overall average of all shots of a player and analyzes how much gain and loss a player has in each shot to compare the ability of each shot. The stroke gain of KLPGA Tour players can be checked in ‘Distance Record’ in the record menu at the top.

In addition, along with the website renewal, KLPGA also officially opened a mobile application (app). If you access the existing KLPGA app, you can simply access the new app through a separate information page.

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