Barça’s financial problems ‘serious’ level…La Liga refuses to register for Gaby’s first team

Barcelona’s Pablo Gavey’s request to register for the first team has been rejected by La Liga players.

The British ‘The Athletic’ reported, “La Liga rejected Barcelona’s attempt to register Gaby as a first-team player. Barcelona hoped to register Gaby, who is currently registered as an academy player, into the first team.”

There is a reason why the La Liga side rejected Barcelona’s request. That’s because it doesn’t fit Barcelona’s salary cap. “This means that Barcelona will not be able to register new players on their current wage bill as they do not have the margin to operate within the salary cap of La Liga,” the media explained.

Barcelona’s financial problems have already surfaced two years ago. Barcelona have suffered serious financial problems with the spread of COVID-19 taking a direct hit to their revenue. The butterfly effect of this situation forced Lionel Messi to be handed over to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

In the end, Barcelona activated the lever and put out the urgent fire. Activating the lever is a method of receiving money by selling future broadcasting rights in advance. Barcelona has activated the lever four times since June. As a result, they owed more than 600 million euros (about 800 billion won) in total.

With the money he collected unreasonably, he actively invested in recruiting players. Barcelona acquired a number of superstars through the transfer market last summer. Starting with Roberto Lewandowski, they recruited Rafinha, Jules Kunde, Frank Kesier, Andreas Christensen, Hector Bellerin and Marcos Alonso. It spent a whopping 153 million euros (about 220 billion won). 메이저사이트

But something unexpected happened. Barcelona were eliminated from the group stage of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and earned lower profits than expected. Including the tournament prize money earned by advancing to the round of 16, broadcast rights and ticket revenues all suffered losses.

In the end, Barcelona decided to reduce the number of players. The team’s legendary defender, Gerard Piquet, retired, saving a high salary. However, the finances are still not improving. In order for Barcelona to solve their financial problems, there is no other way than how to secure more sponsors than now.

In the end, due to these problems, Gabi’s first team registration was rejected. Barcelona tried to change the uniform number as well as Gaby’s first team registration, but the plan collapsed. “Barcelona are saving the number 6 for Gaby and want to give it to him when he is registered as a first-team player. He is still an academy player, so he cannot wear a number less than 25,” the media explained.

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