“Both starting and bullpen possible” 2023 Hanwha mound seen through Han Seung-hyuk and Lee Tae-yang

The Hanwha Eagles recruited two veteran pitchers this winter.

First of all, on the 10th of last month, infielder Byun Woo-hyuk (22) was sent to the KIA Tigers and pitchers Han Seung-hyuk (29) and Jang Ji-su (22) were received. In 2019, it was a resource that was recruited by giving away a promising prospect for the 1st nomination, so there was a heated debate over which team had the advantage at the time.

Hanwha explained, “Han Seung-hyuk is a resource that can be used both as a starter and as a bullpen. In particular, he has stamina that can be used as a starting pitcher, such as using a fastball in the upper half of 140 km/h despite the number of pitches around 100 in this season’s starting game.” .

The search for a pitcher capable of both starting and bullpen is not over. On the 23rd of last month, Hanwha acquired free agency pitcher Lee Tae-yang (32) for a total of 2.5 billion won over four years. Taeyang Lee, who was traded with outfielder Noh Soo-gwang (32) in June 2020 and transferred to SSG Landers (then SK Wyverns), returned to his parents’ home after about two years and five months.

Hanwha’s explanation of Lee Taeyang was also similar. Hanwha general manager Son Hyuk said, “Lee Tae-tae is a pitcher who can handle long innings and can play an active role in either the starter or bullpen. With Lee Tae-yang added, the depth of the pitching staff will increase, allowing for flexible pitching management.”

In addition to right-hander Jang Si-hwan, whom Hanhwa retained as a free agent, the fact that they recruited a large number of veteran pitching resources is related to the growth of young pitchers Nam Ji-min (21) and Moon Dong-ju (19). Hanwha coach Carlos Subero said, “Next year, I will manage about 100 innings”, cutting off 28⅔ innings pitched by Moon Dong-ju, the first-choice pitcher this year.

Nam Ji-min, who is in his third year, also threw 89 innings this year, but it was his first full-time year, so it is difficult to guarantee that he will grow to the point where he will throw the regular innings (144 innings) next year. In the end, it is difficult for Hanwha to rotate the starting rotation for the season with only two foreign pitchers, Kim Min-woo (27), Nam Ji-min, and Moon Dong-ju.메이저사이트

At this time, what is needed are pitchers who can both start and bullpen, such as Lee Tae-yang, Han Seung-hyuk, and Jang Min-jae (32). This year, Jang Min-jae started with the bullpen, but finished the season as a starter by filling the vacancy of foreign pitchers. Lee Tae-yang and Han Seung-hyuk are resources that will fill gaps in the mound by serving as long relievers when Nam Ji-min and Moon Dong-ju are quickly replaced, and as starters when they need to skip the rotation.

General manager Sohn made changes to the coaching staff, such as recruiting head coach Lee Dae-jin and bullpen coach Park Seung-min, and creating a new pitching performance coach (Lee Dong-gul) to strengthen Hanwha’s mound depth. Here, the selection resources were thickened with veteran players. Attention is focusing on whether Hanwha will erase the stigma of this year, which was the lowest in starting value, and show stable performance until the 6th inning next year.