Cardiac arrest at soccer tournament…but there was a ‘savior’ nearby
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A government official in his 50s participating in a soccer tournament suddenly collapsed during a game. He had a heart problem and was counting down the minutes, but paramedics showed up in “three minutes” and saved his life.

Reporter Seung Hyun Cho


A man is lying on the ground.

A woman performs CPR on him.

Soon after, a female paramedic takes over.

The male paramedic grabs a bag and goes to the patient’s side.

It’s a “defibrillator” that analyzes the heartbeat and delivers an electric shock.

The accident happened yesterday morning during the first match of a civil service soccer tournament in Yangyang, Gangwon Province.

My 57-year-old aunt collapsed unconscious 15 minutes into the game.

However, the paramedics showed up within three minutes of the call.

They happened to be in a nearby neighborhood, four kilometers away토토사이트.

[Kwon Eun-jung/Paramedic, Yangyang 119 Safety Center, Yangyang Fire Department, Gangwon Province: There are only three ambulances in Yangyang, so if we had gone out on another call, it would have been too late].

The collapsed Mr. Lee was in ‘ventricular fibrillation’.

His heart was beating irregularly and couldn’t contract properly, so it couldn’t deliver blood to his entire body.

[Kwon Eun-jung/Paramedic, Yangyang 119 Safety Center, Yangyang Fire Department, Gangwon Province: This is a situation where a cardiac electric shock is absolutely necessary; it is impossible to revive the patient with just CPR].

The paramedics gave him one shock with the defibrillator, and soon his breathing and pulse returned.

He was taken to the hospital and is in non-life-threatening condition.

[Soccer tournament official: He’s recovered, but we need to know what caused it, so we’re going to have to do some more tests…]

The paramedics said they hope this incident will bring more attention to not only CPR, but also defibrillators.

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