Carrot, who goes to the store, can’t go to the 6th round if he doesn’t pay a ‘1 billion subscription fee’

KBL finally issued an ultimatum to the Goyang Carrot Jumpers, a professional basketball team that was facing a crisis due to ‘financial difficulties and sales rumors’. 바카라사이트 KBL held the 28th 3rd temporary general meeting at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the morning of February 16th and said, “If Carrot fails to pay the remaining 1 billion won of unpaid KBL subscription fee by the 31st of next month, he will be banned from participating in the round of 6 PO this season. We have reaffirmed our decision not to allow it.”

The operating body of Carrot is Day One Asset Management (Day One Sports), a corporation whose parent company is Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction. Day One took over and refounded the Goyang Orion basketball team in 2022, introduced a naming sponsor system, Carrot Insurance took over as sponsor, and the team was named Goyang Carrot. Day One drew attention by hiring Heo Jae, who was raising his stock price as a basketball legend and broadcaster, as co-CEO, and Kim Seung-gi, the winning player of Anyang KGC, and shooter Jeon Seong-hyun.

However, from the start, the team’s management was followed by question marks, creating anxiety. Day One had already had noise during the acquisition negotiations with Orion, and during the review for new member companies conducted by KBL in June, membership registration was suspended once due to poor data such as the club’s management plan. Also, prior to the opening of the regular season, he had not paid 500 million won, which he had to pay first out of the KBL subscription fee of 1.5 billion won, and only managed to pay the first subscription fee after receiving a warning from KBL that he was not allowed to participate in the regular season.

Recently, it is known that the management of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, the parent company, is in the process of selling the basketball team. Here, it is shocking that the wages for the Carrot team and the secretariat have already been delayed twice.

If the sale goes through, Carrot will set a disgraceful record as a short-lived club that disappeared into history in just one season. Day One has yet to pay the second subscription fee of KRW 1 billion, which it promised to pay to KBL by the end of March.

According to KBL’s announcement, it was known that the decision to ‘disallow participation in POs in case of non-payment of subscription fee’ was already made at an emergency board meeting on October 11 last year. At that time, it was not open to the public considering the wavelength.

However, KBL, which kept an eye on Carrot’s situation, seems to have finally revealed the truth as concerns about the league’s rupture continued due to rumors of funding difficulties and sale of Day One and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering in the second half of the league due to schedule.

Jeon Seong-hyun’s career high season… The team is doing better than expected

Carrot is currently 21-19 in 40 games, and is in 5th place in the league, the right to advance to the 6th PO. With a difference of 4 games from the 7th place (Suwon KT, 18-24) and only 2.5 games from the 3rd place (24-17 over Seoul SK, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis), the possibility of at least the 6th place is very high, and the maximum 3rd place It is a situation that can be pursued even.  

It can be said that it is a promotion that exceeds expectations despite the fact that it is a new team newly founded by Carrot, and it has been evaluated as weak, and it has been a messy atmosphere amid unstable club circumstances both internally and externally. Jeon Seong-hyun, a leading shooter, is having a career high season and is even being discussed as a strong regular league MVP candidate. Even though basketball fans criticize the parent company, the atmosphere is giving unsparing applause to the fighting spirit and professionalism of the Carrot players.

However, if Carrot does not pay 1 billion won by next month, he will not be able to step on the PO stage even if he is in the 6th place in the regular league. KBL chose the latter of the two alternatives, holding the playoffs with only 5 teams excluding Carrot and maintaining the PO system for the round of 6 by raising the rankings by the next ranked teams. As a result, for the first time in history, even the 7th ranked team can step on the playoff stage in the round of 6.

Following rumors of a sale, if you fail to make it to the PO even after making the top 6, it will be a disaster for the Carrot basketball team. If a situation in which a team that has qualified for the PO is unable to advance to the PO for reasons other than the game becomes a reality, it is an unprecedented situation not only in KBL but also in Korean professional sports.

Most of all, only the players who were innocent and faithfully devoted to basketball are the ones who suffer the most. If you can’t step on the PO stage even if you run hard, it will inevitably have an adverse effect on the morale and motivation of the players who are fighting fiercely for rankings at the end of the season.

Among basketball fans, the voice criticizing Day One is the highest, but it is pointed out that the situation in which innocent players suffer damage is problematic. Disallowing Carrot from participating in the season in the first place and preventing him from participating in the PO even after he has already completed the season are different situations. This may adversely affect the entire league game, such as sabotage or abandonment at the end of the regular season.

Some point out that KBL is also responsible for this situation. In the first place, it was KBL’s fault that Day1 worsened the situation by taking it lightly to maintain the 10-club system, even though it was fully aware of the fact that it had already had many internal problems from the time of joining.

Day One Sports is currently in the process of finding a new owner for the company, and fortunately, it is known that positive stories are coming and going with one of the current leading companies.

It is important to complete the sale operation quickly to stabilize the future of the club, but even if you leave when you leave, you must fulfill your obligations as a league member until the end. Even if the players who suffered have legitimately obtained rights due to the fault of the club and KBL, they must avoid lameness in which the qualification for the playoffs is canceled.

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