Challenge to Escape 3 Consecutive Losses’ Director Yoo Do-hoon “Belangel, Lee Dae-sung needs to be relieved”

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, led by coach Yoo Do-hoon, will face off against Jeonju KCC at the Jeonju Gymnasium on the 24th in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular league. Korea Gas Corporation recorded three consecutive losses and is in 9th place with 12 wins and 19 losses.

Korea Gas Corporation tried to change the 온라인바카라 atmosphere in the second half after the All-Star Game, but in the two resumed games, it lost three consecutive games in a row. I expected Jeong Hyo-geun to play a role after returning from injury, but in 2 games, he scored 3.0 points and 2.0 rebounds, and his field goal success rate was only 5.9%. In order to rebound, Jung Hyo-geun’s performance should also improve, which is expected to be a strength for the team.

In the head-to-head match against KCC, they are at a disadvantage with 1 win and 2 losses. Korea Gas Corporation started with the game on this day and continued its 5-game away game. It would be good to see if we can put the button on the first away game well.

Coach Yoo Hoon of Korea Gas Corporation

Q. Your performance in the second half is not good?
The content of the match goes well, but the fight tends to be pushed back at the winning point. As I replaced the foreign player with Devon Scott, I don’t seem to be pushed back much in the foreign player fight, but it seems to be a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of. I think players need to have experience in basketball to win with confidence.

Q. How are you preparing for the KCC game?
(Lee) Seung-hyeon should be good at defending against plays. In the attack, (Lee) Daesung should solve the problem. But alone is not enough. So, I plan to use Belrangel at the beginning of the game to ease the burden on Daesung.

Q. Jung Hyo-geun’s performance isn’t improving?
I always talk to (Jeong) Hyo-geun. After one year of rehabilitation, there are not many success cases. However, he hopes that he will do his best in his role and make it comfortable. It could be that the shot doesn’t go in. However, he can contribute to the team in other areas such as defense and rebounding, so I hope he does his best in that area.

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