‘Challenge to win’ Hero Corps, Director Hong Won-ki “For a higher place”

Kiwoom Heroes coach Hong Won-ki expressed his determination to spend an intense spring camp to compete with the goal of winning the Korean Series and higher ranking in the postseason.

The Hero Corps, which showed off its potential and impressive baseball as the runner-up in the Korean Series last year, begins quenching to soar to a higher place. Kiwoom Athletes The U.S. Camp Athletes departed for Arizona, the U.S., the spring camp training site, through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the afternoon of the 29th.

Head coach Hong Won-ki, who will 메이저놀이터 lead them and lead them, proved his leadership by leading the team to 3rd place in the regular season and runner-up in KS last year. A lot of attention is also paid to Kiwoom’s spring camp moves and this season’s goals, which have spent an active Stove League by signing free agents, futures free agents, and signing large foreign players.

In an official interview with the media at the departure hall, director Hong explained the catchphrase of spring camp with the theme of ‘new challenge’.

At the same time, it is also the first overseas spring camp held since 2019 in the aftermath of Corona 19. Director Hong explained his current mindset ahead of departure, saying, “Compared to camping in Korea for the past two years, I feel new, and I have to perform better this year compared to last year, so (in that respect) I feel new.” .

At the same time, Kiwoom breaks away from the traditional method of dividing spring camp into first-team camp and futures camp by other clubs in the KBO League, and splits spring camp into Arizona camp, USA, which focuses on technical training, and Kaohsiung camp, Taiwan, which focuses on actual matches. Although the US camp mainly included first-team players, the Taiwanese camp also included quite a few existing players.

Coach Hong explained the difference, saying, “In the meantime, we have not divided the 1st team and Futures by breaking away from the concept of off-season training, but we have been divided into American camps and Taiwanese camps while setting the direction according to the plan to suit the environment.”

That’s why each camp has different goals and themes. Coach Hong said, “The US camp feels the need for procedures such as improving the condition of newly recruited players and checking their skills.” There is a purpose to quickly raise the pace mainly,” he explained.

Rather than improving the skills of individual players, the focus is on improving the completeness of the entire team, which was lacking through PS last year.

Coach Hong said, “I definitely need time to improve skills or fill in the details of the team, but I’m trying to have time to fill in important parts that we couldn’t go to the end last year.” It is important,” he said.

At the same time, coach Hong said, “It has now been communicated to the players through a personal meeting in January. The players’ intentions to ‘prepare with a certain direction’ were also gathered,” he said.

Prior to the new season, it is Kiwoom with several key tasks such as overhauling the starting rotation, changing bullpen positions, and arranging traffic for some positions in the infield and outfield. Director Hong emphasized ‘new challenges’ and ‘competitive structure’ for this entire process.

Coach Hong said, “I personally talked about everything through interviews with the players, but nothing has been set.” He declared a restart from the starting point in 2023.

That is why no one can be relieved of starting positions except for some positions. Director Hong said, “I think everyone except center line Lee Jeong-hoo, Russell, Kim Hye-seong and right fielder Lee Hyeong-jong are entering into a competitive system,” adding, “It is the same with pitchers. Ahn Woo-jin achieved very good results last year, but since we do not know what other variables will arise this year, I think the order will be to make a plan through various simulations and prepare accordingly.”

The reason is that Kiwoom this season is a team that has to challenge again to win the Korean Series, which it failed to reach last year on the threshold of winning.

Coach Hong said, “I think (this camp) can be seen as a preparation process to reduce the gap by discovering players who can replace the player when a situation arises.” He also revealed his goal for this season, saying, “I have always felt that playing PS from a low position is advantageous for achieving good results, so I think it would be better to prepare for a higher place in the regular season as well.”

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