Choo Shin-soo in the controversy over his remarks toward the baseball world, “The difference in thoughts because people’s thoughts and experiences are all different.”

Choo Shin-soo (41, SSG Landers), who brought about controversy by revealing his opinions on various issues toward the domestic baseball world, said, “I think it is a difference of opinion because people’s thoughts and experiences are all different. Rather than saying anything now, I think there will be an opportunity to explain later.”스포츠토토

Choo Shin-soo, who returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport on the 26th, showed a cautious attitude toward the controversial remarks, saying, “Now the WBC team is preparing for the tournament, and baseball fans and the public hope that the national team will produce good results.” 

The SSG team, including Choo Shin-soo, returned home through Incheon International Airport on the same day after finishing the first spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA.

In addition, Choo Shin-soo said, “As a baseball senior, I hope to return with good grades. First of all, cheering and watching is the priority.”

When asked when it would be time to clarify his position, he said, “It will not be right after the WBC is over. Anyone can speak after looking at the results,” he said.

Previously, Choo Shin-soo appeared on a Korean radio program in Dallas, Texas, USA at the end of last month and expressed his opinion without hesitation about the WBC national team generation change theory and the controversy over An Woo-jin’s school violence.

Regarding the An Woo-jin controversy, Choo Shin-soo said, “I was obviously wrong, but it’s a pity. In a way, he is a player with the talent to go abroad and become the second best player after Park Chan-ho, but I am also playing baseball in Korea, but there are too many things I do not understand.”

Regarding the list of the WBC national team, “Kim Hyun-soo (35, LG Twins) is a really good player, but I think I would have seen the future. There should have been more players who should have been selected. Until when are Kim Gwang-hyeon (34, SSG Landers) and Yang Hyeon-jong (34, KIA Tigers)? It’s not that these players lack skills,” he said.

When such a controversy erupted, Kim In-shik, former WBC coach who is an elder in the baseball world, criticized the theory of generational change, saying, “Isn’t Choo Shin-soo 41 years old?” did.

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