‘Chungam High School ace’ from the Korea Youth Baseball Federation, Park Geon-woo, selected as the only U-18 national team member among high school sophomores

Park Gun-woo (17, 2nd year), ace of Chungam High School, from the ‘Youth Baseball Federation’, was the only high school sophomore to be selected as the national team for the ‘2023 World Youth Baseball Championship’.온라인바카라

On the 18th, Park Gun-woo was named on the national team list for the ‘2023 World Youth Baseball Championship (U-18)’ announced by the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA). He is the second from the Korea Youth Baseball Federation after Lee Jin-ha (Lotte Giants) last year.

Lee Sang-geun, president of the Korea Youth Baseball Federation, said, “The production of professional baseball players is important, but the selection of the U-18 national team, which is the foundation of professional baseball and the representative of student baseball, is of great significance.”

Park Kun-woo throws a ball vigorously in the match against Chungam High School in the round of 16 of the 78th Cheongryonggi National High School Baseball Championship and weekend league Wangjungwangjeon held at Shinwol Baseball Park in Seoul on the 20th. /Photo=OSEN
Park Kun-woo, who is active as the ace of Chungam High School this year, is evaluated as the best inning eater in high school. He is a sophomore in high school, but he throws a ball at a top speed of 148 km/h. The Korea Youth Baseball Federation said, “It has both a heavy stone fastball and knife-like control that reminds us of Oh Seung-hwan’s heyday.”

In particular, pitching without ups and downs is an advantage. In two qualifying games for the 78th Blue Dragon High School Baseball Championship currently in progress, he pitched a total of 9 innings, 5 hits, 1 walk, 11 strikeouts and no runs. Chungam High School advanced to the round of 16 thanks to Park Kun-woo’s good pitching.

Interest from professional clubs is also hot. Seongdong-gu Youth Baseball Team coach Kim Hyeon-woo, who discovered and coached Park Kun-woo during his youth, recalled, “Ever since he was a child, he followed hard training silently and showed sincerity. He was always considerate of his friends and took the lead, so he was popular.” He continued, “When I first started playing baseball, I said that it was my dream to wear the Taegeuk mark on my chest, and I am so happy. I hope to be highly nominated in the professional baseball rookie draft next year.”

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