Civil Society Groups Ask Foreign Media to Correct ‘Clothesline’ Descriptions of Kim Geon-hee’s Outfit

The South Korean People’s Committee has sent a letter of protest to a foreign media outlet that used the expression “clotheshorse,” meaning “someone who is overly interested in fashion먹튀검증,” in reference to Mrs. Kim Gun-hee’s attire during President Yoon Seok-yul’s state visit last month.

According to a report by Donga Ilbo on April 22, the Committee for People’s Livelihoods sent a letter to the US-based Washington Post (WP) on April 18, asking it to correct the expression.

Earlier, on March 26 (local time), the Yoon family had dinner with US President Joe Biden and his wife at the White House. On that day, WP used the word “clothesline” in reference to Kim’s attire. Kim wore a white suit jacket, white dress, and white gloves.

The People’s Livelihood Task Force responded to WP’s use of the word, saying, “It shows a lack of understanding of Korean culture,” and “(The word) ‘clothesline’ is an inappropriate word that can undermine the 70-year alliance between the United States and South Korea. We request that it be deleted or changed to a reasonable word so that the successful outcome of the US-Korea summit can be recognized.” The committee asked WP to respond by the 6th of next month.

Meanwhile, WP also published an article titled “Please don’t insult South Korea’s first lady” on Dec. 12 (local time), featuring comments from readers. “Negative comments about a visitor’s attire are fruitless and disrespectful,” the reader wrote.

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