‘Commentary GOAT’ Lee Seung-woo “Messi, congratulations, but the ceremony is flat” re-examined

 Reporter Lee Sang-wan = While the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar ended with Argentina winning, Lee Seung-woo (24, Suwon FC), who played an active role as a SBS World Cup relay, is being re-examined.

SBS hired Lee Seung-woo, the ‘Korean Messi’, as a commentator and drew attention from the opening game. Lee Seung-woo, who made his commentary debut on the 22nd of last month in the Group C match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina, showed off his stable vocalization and diction, bouncy talk and sense, and, furthermore, professional and lively game analysis as an active player, ‘Commentary GOAT’ stood tall as

In particular, his commentary has emerged as a hot topic.

According to Sometrend, a social media big data analysis platform, the broadcaster’s quote that became the most talked about was Lee Seung-woo’s “Because it’s sweet.”

Lee Seung-woo, who started the so-called ‘sweet series’ by commenting, “From a striker’s point of view, I feel sweet when the ball hits me,” in the shooting situation of Argentina De Foul in the Group C match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia. He earned the nickname ‘Sweet Boy’ by using the comment “It’s sweet”.

In addition, Lee Seung-woo produced numerous sayings such as “I give you as much extra time as karaoke service” and “Messi is the god of soccer, but the ceremony is rather plain. I want to tell you ‘should I go or not dance’”.

Also, his chemistry with Park Ji-sung was outstanding. To Portuguese striker Ronaldo, who became a hidden contributor to the round of 16 in Korea, Ji-Sung Park said, “Repay me”, and Seung-Woo Lee added to the fun of the match with a perfect Tiki-taka, saying, “You look like Ji-Sung Park’s junior.”

Lee Seung-woo proved his hot topic by ranking first among the Qatar World Cup broadcasters in terms of search volume across the three broadcasting companies.

According to the search data analysis platform Black Kiwi, which aggregated Naver keyword searches for World Cup relays from the three broadcasting companies from November 18th to December 18th, Lee Seung-woo was ranked second with 1,560,000 searches, followed by MBC’s Ahn Jung-hwan (754,000). by more than two times and took the top spot.

This is an overwhelming gap of more than four times compared to KBS’ Koo Ja-cheol (340,000 cases), which ranked 4th after Park Ji-seong 스포츠토토