Controversy over ‘tossing autograph request’… “Please sign the uniform”

However, there was a controversial scene after the game.

Fans can demand autographs from players, but how do we view this situation?

See for yourself and judge for yourself.

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KIA’s first win of the season is over, and winning pitcher Eui-Ri Lee expresses his gratitude.

[Lee Eui-ri/KIA]
“Every time I hear the cheers from the fans, I feel really good.

Eui-ri Lee on her way to the team bus after the game.

But out of nowhere바카라, uniforms and pens fly.

“Please sign me!”

“Loyalty, sign me!”

The moment I stopped on my way and was about to sign an autograph.

As if waiting, the uniforms are falling here and there.

They seem to ask for autographs on their uniforms too.

In the sudden situation, Lee Ui-ri was also hardened.

The reaction of fans who watched this video was the same.

“Isn’t it an animal in a cage?”

“Who would want to provide fan service to fans like that

? “

Fortunately, the KIA club said Lee Eui-ri didn’t care much.

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