“Crazy for futsal, studying in Brazil twice”… Coach Kim Tae-woo reveals the charm of futsal

Futsal is an ‘urban sport’. It is an exercise optimized for modern society where there are not many large playgrounds.

Only 10 people, half the size of soccer, need to gather and there is no need for a large playground. In a small space, there are many opportunities to touch the ball as fewer people step in.

Futsal is gaining great popularity regardless of gender and age, riding on the recent SBS entertainment program ‘Goal Hitters’ and the craze for life sports. According to the Korea Futsal Federation, the number of domestic futsal clubs is about 250,000. This is the background in which many cities, counties and districts claiming to be sports mecca and sports hubs are promoting the construction of futsal fields.

It has high potential as a sports industry. Futsal is considered an easy sport to secure a large number of consumers with a high purchase rate in many aspects, such as facility and lesson reservations, community activity, and entry into the goods market.

Kim Tae-woo, head coach of the Spartans soccer team, who became the first Korean to obtain a Brazilian Futsal Association leader’s license, said, “Futsal is a sport that has both charms as ‘watching’ and ‘playing’. “The situation is similar to Japan 15 years ago. (Recently, I hope that Korean futsal will develop further with the foothold of the futsal boom of ‘.

The following is Q&A with Kim Tae-woo, head coach of the Spartans soccer team.

– I’m curious about what made you fall in love with futsal.

The first time I encountered futsal was in the 6th grade of elementary school. He liked technical football and experienced that breaking through and creating chances using individual abilities were very advantageous in futsal, and he became interested in it from then on.

The charm of futsal is really diverse. I think the biggest advantage is that I can own more balls and create more goal chances because I run with a small number of people. In fact, you can go to the opponent’s goal with one or two passes and create a shooting chance. From the viewer’s point of view, I wonder if the dynamics of the fast tempo, the techniques close to stunts, and the cheers and unified play will be attractive.

-I went to Brazil to study abroad twice for futsal.

He went to Brazil for 2 years during his freshman year of high school and for 6 months during his sophomore year at university. (When I was in high school, I went to Brazil) to study soccer, but I played futsal once every 1-2 weeks on the team. I remember looking forward to that day. What I felt then was ‘I must play futsal’. I thought that I had to master Portuguese first in order to watch and learn proper futsal, and after that, I focused on learning the language.

Once a day, I went to my Korean friend who spoke Portuguese the best and harassed him (by asking questions). That day, I asked about the words I didn’t understand and the words I should use, and learning the language like that made my life in Brazil more interesting and satisfying because I heard what I wanted to know and learned how to say what I wanted to express.

The second study abroad was to learn futsal in earnest. I studied Portuguese steadily in Korea for two years and took on the job of interpreting. At that time, I thought that I could study futsal even if I went to Brazil alone, so I went through a six-month leadership certification course and training for a Brazilian professional futsal team at the same time. It was a time where I saw and felt many things.

Brazil is a country that has provided me with unforgettable memories and a clue to what I am doing now. The currently active ‘Samba Futsal Class’ was inspired by the futsal he learned in Brazil. Interestingly, after learning Portuguese, there are many people in Korea who need me. Eventually, he worked for six years as an interpreter for foreign players in a professional soccer team.

By helping foreign players (at a professional club), I prepared a platform to go to Brazil and other countries anytime in the future, and I still keep in touch with friends who helped me while working for nearly 7 years. We became friends asking each other’s regards and cheering for each other along the way.

After the interpreting job, I was able to afford some situational comfort, and I was able to see futsal once again on the strongest futsal teams in Asia and Europe (Nagoya Oceans, Deuson Kobe, Barcelona, ​​Intel Movie Star) that I hadn’t seen before while traveling between Japan and Spain for 4 months. . It is a bonus that I became acquainted with a friend who runs in the field.

Futsal is also becoming more diverse in systems and set-piece tactics. It is a sport that evolves every year. The regulations are also changing little by little, so it is necessary to constantly be aware of the modern futsal flow.

-I think the atmosphere is very different now from when I first encountered futsal. What do you think of the recent futsal boom?

(The popularity of futsal) I was predicting to some extent. When the entertainment program ‘Goal Girl’ gained popularity, I thought, ‘It’s a similar situation to when a female idol futsal tournament was broadcasted in Japan 15 to 6 years ago and the Japanese women’s futsal population rapidly increased’. Since it is an event that requires delicate play in a small space, I wonder if the strengths of women were better reflected (on the broadcast).

In terms of cultural improvement, there are still many people in Korea who approach futsal as a ‘mini-soccer’ concept. Futsal is exactly an indoor sport. I want many people to know that futsal is a sport where the true value of futsal is demonstrated when proper rules and futsal balls are used.

In addition, it is regrettable that (some) soccer leaders’ perceptions of futsal are lacking. Futsal involves stopping the ball or dribbling a lot. Maybe that’s why there are people who (somewhat) negatively view learning futsal, such as ‘don’t use the soles of your feet when controlling (playing soccer)’. In fact, if you look at the interviews with the world’s best players, you can see how much futsal helps you learn basic skills and skills at a young age.

The point is this. Futsal is not like playing soccer in a small space. You have to learn proper football. You need to find a unique part that can be applied to soccer by playing with futsal’s own movements and a futsal ball. (If you research) There are definitely many.

And if you think that only the technical part improves when you come into contact with futsal, you are mistaken. In futsal, there are a lot of movements to move in a narrow space without rest and create a space on your own or enter that space (playing futsal), so you can learn spatial understanding and quick judgment.

Above all, the opponent’s goal post is always close by, so you can train the instantaneous movement and (shooting) skills that make a shot. The origin of the sport of futsal was also made for the development of football. I hope that the perception that futsal induces bad play (to soccer players) will decrease.

-I heard that you were the first Korean to obtain a futsal coaching license.

When I was studying in Brazil for the second time, I had some confidence in Portuguese, so I challenged myself to become a (teacher) license. He completed the 4-month futsal training course organized by the Brazilian Futsal Association and the Sao Paulo Futsal Federation. It was a training course that lasted for a total of 70 hours, and I remember listening to it with excitement as I visited the place where I took the course every weekend.

At the time, the Sao Paulo Federation said that a lot of Japanese came from before, and last year they came from China as well. At the same time, I felt a lot of responsibility.

After getting my license, I went to Porto Alegre, a southern city with many famous Brazilian futsal teams. The ULBRA futsal team that received training was the best professional futsal team at the time, with only four Brazilian national players. With only a futsal coaching license and enthusiasm, he recklessly knocked on the team office door, saying that he had come to study futsal in Korea.

Fortunately, they looked at me positively. He gladly gave permission to watch all professional team training and training. From then on, I was able to see a very high level of futsal. At that time, I remember just shouting ‘Wow’ while watching their movements, skills, and well-organized set-piece tactics (laughs).

Currently, Korea also has a futsal leader training course. There is an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) futsal coaching license, which is classified as Level 1 and 2.

-I heard that several coaches, including former coach of the Korean national soccer team Ho Kim, did not hold back their encouragement. Especially if you have any memorable advice.

After finishing his career as a futsal player, he met many leaders as he served as an interpreter for a foreign player on a professional soccer team. Among them, the person who is most memorable and made me who I am today is director Kim Ho.

He really thoroughly preferred technical football and emphasized that players with individual skills are needed to develop Korean football and revitalize the K-League. He said that the quality of leaders should also be improved.

One day, after watching me play the ball with Brazilian players, he offered me the job as a technical coach. He strongly recommended the way to become a leader, saying that since he has foreign language skills and a unique history of playing futsal, working as a leader would be of great help to the development of youth soccer. Even when the head coach took over as general manager of the Yongin Soccer Center, he guided the children as a technical coach for a year under him.

-In the case of player Kim Young-kwon, he says his childhood futsal experience was a big help in getting a stable ‘underfoot’. Futsal seems to be of great help to general soccer players, what do you think?

In fact, many professional soccer players have experienced futsal, and as mentioned earlier, you can easily confirm that part in interviews with foreign players rather than domestic players. Santos, the most prestigious team that has produced Brazilian players such as Pele, Neymar, and Coutinho, provides futsal training twice a week to young players under the age of 13.

When Ronaldinho revealed the reason why Brazil won the most World Cups and his growth process in an interview, he said, ‘I learned to play under my feet and personal skills through futsal, and I learned aerial skills while playing beach soccer, where ground passes are impossible.’ did. So, if you look at Brazilian football, you can easily find aerial skills from futsal or beach soccer.

Another article that I vividly remember is that when Brazil won the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, 21 of the 23 national team members at the time learned온라인카지노 futsal professionally as children. Shouldn’t it be considered that futsal’s influence on young players is significant (positively) if the decision is made by a prestigious club that has produced World Cup winning members and a large number of world-class players.

– It seems that there is not much information about your futsal player days. What kind of player was he during his active career?

In 2007, he participated in the Asian Cup in Taiwan as the Korean national futsal team. After the tournament, he untied the laces of his soccer boots. He retired as a player a bit early, but the biggest reason was injury. Recovery of the injured area was slow. In addition, I felt the limitations of my innate physicality, and I had a desire to learn futsal more properly, so I decided to retire to focus on the field where I could do better (a coach rather than a player).

However, it is regrettable when the FK league is active like now and seeing players with a lot of formal league experience. The sector that can be seen and learned in the field cannot be ignored. Respectful and great

-I’m curious about the final dream of ‘Kim Tae-woo, the futsal player’.

My ultimate dream is to live happily doing what he likes for as long as possible. In the past, one of my goals was to join the national futsal team as a coaching staff, and I also dreamed of coaching a large futsal team. However, I thought that it was (just) one seat, and that it was something I had to go through.

So, he adjusted his life goals and dreams to happiness. As a result, I was able to walk with ease, accepting everything without overdoing the pursuit of my goal. Fortunately, I am doing what I love right now with like-minded colleagues. I’m really happy. It feels like I’m pioneering my own path, not a set path, so I’m looking forward to it every day.

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