Diagnosis of Gyeong-yeop Yeom, the April slow starter of the ‘10% batting average’ of a 6 billion free agent “Spring camp problem, but if it is Park Hae-min… ”

Can Hae-min Park of the LG Twins overcome the slow starter at the beginning of the season?

Regarding the April slump, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop carefully mentioned that it was a problem during the spring camp. He saw it as a matter of error, trial and error, in preparation for the season.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop’s theory is that the designated hitter should play as a designated hitter while the starting pitcher takes turns to arrange the physical strength of the main players rather than a fixed hitter. He mentioned that doing so will help him not get tired in the summer heat and reduce the slump period that comes during the season.

If so, what is the cause of the slump and sluggishness right after the opening? Director Yeom said, “I think the preparation for the spring camp was wrong. (At the camp) you have to take care of it meticulously,” he said.

Park Hae-min, who spent his first season at LG this year as a free agent transfer (4 years, 6 billion won), is a representative slow starter. Park Hae-min played 25 games in April this year with a batting average of 10.8 and 3 (17 hits in 93 at-bats), and was extremely sluggish. He expected the performance of 6 billion free agents at the beginning of the season, but concerns were high due to the sluggish performance in April.

However, from May, his monthly batting average rose to the 30% level. He said 3/2 (May) -3/5 7 (June) -3/1 (July) -3/3 3 (August) -2/5 6 (9 ~ October) was recorded.

Looking at Park Hae-min’s recent performance, the first month after the opening is generally sluggish. In April 2021, he was mediocre with a batting average of .262 (22 hits in 84 at-bats), below his season batting average. In 2020, the opening was postponed to May due to Corona 19, and the batting average in May, the first month, was sluggish with a batting average of 108.2 (10 hits in 55 at-bats). Park Hae-min finished the 2020 and 2021 seasons with his batting average of 2.9 and 2.9.

In 2019, he had a batting average of 2.8 2.2 (29 hits in 103 at-bats) in 30 games between March and April, his highest batting average in the last six years. (By the way, ironically, his batting average for the season was the worst at .239.)

In March 2018, he batted 1.66 in 8 games (4 hits in 25 at-bats), and in April 2017, he batted 2.67 li (105 at-bats). 28 hits). His batting averages for the 2017 and 2018 seasons were 2.8 4 and 2.9 9.

Regarding Park Hae-min’s sluggish performance in April, coach Yeom said, “It’s a matter of changing the routine at spring camp or talking to the player.” 안전놀이터He continued, “However, if you overcome the sluggishness in the beginning, you may collapse behind (mid-to-late season)”, another worry. As you go through the season, there are certain ups and downs, and there are bound to be cycles. “I will approach carefully and watch the player prepare for the season,” he said.

Park Hae-min is expected to be appointed as the top hitter next season. This year, Hong Chang-ki took turns playing as the top hitter and second hitter, but Yeom plans to use Hae-min Park as the top hitter while making use of Park Hae-min’s quick feet. If Park Hae-min overcomes the slow starter to some extent, he will also get better at LG offense.