Did you get hit by a defense?’

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baseball fanatic.

Top play starts with a rare defensive scene.

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American college baseball.

A well-hit ball, it spreads.

The left fielder is flying…

What happened?

Judging by how tightly he clenched his fist, he seems to have caught it.

The ball went into the glove, bounced over his head, flowed over his shoulder, and then back into the glove!

Looking at it, it is really exquisite.

Should I say that I did not pay the lake fee, but that I was victimized?

It’s a scene that I can’t do even if I try to 스포츠토토do it on purpose.


This is the KBO League.

Samsung Pirella hit hard.

KT center fielder Hyunbin Hong sprints to the front of the fence and catches it nicely.

Even Pirella, who confirmed the out, gave a thumbs up defense!

It’s nice to see the game as well as the manners.


LG Oh Ji-hwan complains to the referee about the strike decision.

Oh Ji-hwan strikes out on the next pitch.

Suddenly he slams his bat on the ground, and as if his anger isn’t released, he slams the bat down once more, breaking it.

It was a moment when everyone in the arena was surprised.

Still, there was no greater misfortune.

It’s been a top play so far.

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