Dreaming of ‘Korean Ohtani’… Youngest Kim Gun-hee

There is an all-around player who dreams of becoming Korea’s Ohtani in Kiwoom.

Reporter Lee Ji-eun met the youngest Kim Kun-hee, 스포츠토토 who was sweating in pitching practice at the US field training.

Kim Geon-hee, who was nominated in the first round last year and wore a Kiwoom uniform.

[Kim Geon-hee / Kiwoom Heroes: Practicing on

the professional stage seems to be an opportunity to learn a lot of new things that I haven’t learned.]

Kim Geon-hee, who switched from catcher to pitcher due to an injury in his senior year of high school, is now I’m aiming for 1st baseman.

[Kim Kun-hee / Kiwoom Heroes: Pitcher training on the day of pitcher pitching, and on the second day, field training in the field part] I’m

preparing for a double job with my teammate Jang Jae-young.

[Park Do-hyun / Kiwoom Battery Coach: Jang Tani (Jang Jae-young + Ohtani), Kim Tani (Kim Gun-hee + Ohtani)!]

[Kim Gun-hee / Kiwoom Heroes: There is a part that draws more attention to the pitcher, but the club made me do two things. So I’m going to work harder accordingly]

The mother’s joy at the pro nomination and the first field training is the biggest driving force.

[Kim Geon-hee / Kiwoom Heroes: ‘Mom, I’m going to America’, and when I said this, my mother said ‘Oh, yes’ and really liked it. I thought I should work harder.]

Kim Gun-hee, the ‘future of Kiwoom’, is already receiving fans’ expectations.

[Kim Geon-hee / Kiwoom Heroes: I am still a player who is still clumsy and in the process of preparing, but I will learn a lot from my seniors and work hard to become a player who can always give a good image and give a good influence.] Kim Geon-hee’s efforts to become Korea’s Ohtani

are continues under the scorching sun of

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