‘Face-to-face tryout in 4 years’ female volleyball coaches, cautious and cautious

The coaches were prudent and prudent. 

There may be interns. But you won’t know until you open the lid. Within three days, a foreign main gun must be selected to be responsible for the team’s offense for one season.

Professional volleyball female women’s face-to-face tryout for foreign players in 4 years. The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) started a three-day tryout schedule, starting with an evaluation match held at Hasan Doan Sport Complex in Turkey, Istanbul on the afternoon of the 11th (Korean time).

11 a.m. local time. The bright-looking players warmed up with stretching and improved their physical condition little by little. Then, when the setter introduced locally raised the ball, the players hit the spike. He raised his thumb high when a powerful spike exploded, and shook his head from side to side when he missed or the desired attack did not come out.

Yasmin Bedart (27, USA, 1m93), who played for Hyundai E&C in the V-League last season but was out for the season due to a back injury, also took on a second challenge. However, since he had not yet recovered from the surgery, he did not hit the ball and focused on warming up.

On the first day of the tryout schedule, 31 out of 40 invited players participated. Five players, including Sheridan Atkinson (27, USA, 1m96), Helen Russo (32, Belgium, 1m88), and Indre Sorokaite (35, Italy/Lithuania, 1m86), who were highly favored by the club, did not attend due to team circumstances. Three said they would participate in the draft on Day 2 and one on Day 3.

The smiles disappeared from the faces of the players when the evaluation match began, divided into six groups of five. In the evaluation match, which was played like a real match without a libero, the players met for the first time, but encouraged each other like old teammates. When a good play came out, they praised it with applause스포츠토토 and shouted to warm up the atmosphere.

Officials from the seven women’s clubs also closely observed the players. They filmed the match video with their smartphones and evaluated their skills while talking to each other. Unlike the non-face-to-face tryout conducted with Corona 19, the eyes of the officials showed the sincerity of seeing and selecting proper workers this time.

Most of the coaches came down to the court and observed as close to the players as possible. When the player who was filmed in advance spiked, his gaze followed. Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Abondanza looked at the players from a high place on the second floor. Pepper Savings Bank Aachen Kim also kept talking with the coaching staff at the back of the court and was cautious. Korea Expressway Corporation coach Kim Jong-min showed enthusiasm by looking at the list of players and taking notes.

Nasya Dmitrova (31, Bulgaria, 1m90), who challenged for the first time in the V-League, caught the eye by mixing strong spikes and repeated hits. Sharon Chechumna (25, Kenya, 1m86) also jumped up among the players and hit hard. Mikaya White (27, USA, 1m83), who is short but has good jumping power, also left a good impression. On the contrary, the tall Banja Bukirich (24, Serbia, 1m98) easily attacked from a high RBI point, and Cathy Williams (24, USA, 1m83) made full use of a strong serve that made the stadium resonate.

The coaches who watched the players spared their words. Although he did not clearly reveal his true intentions, certain players were mentioned by several coaches. GS Caltex coach Sang-Hyun Cha said, “There are pros and cons to non-face-to-face and face-to-face tryouts.” He evaluated, “The non-face-to-face video is during the season, so the player is in good condition and doing well, but now the league is over and the body is not 100%.” He said that he had the advantage of seeing with his own eyes, but the physical condition of the players was disappointing. Director Kim of the road construction said, “It seems that I am not ready today, so I need to understand more.”

In this tryout, V-League foreign player legend Madelaine Montaño (Colombia) also visited the site to watch the players. Although he stays in Europe, he visits the field held in Turkiye as an encouragement. Montaño played three seasons at KGC Ginseng Corporation from the 2009 season to 2012 and lifted the championship trophy twice.

Players who have completed the medical test on this day will meet with the coaches after the evaluation match on the 12th. After the last evaluation match on the 13th, the final draft will determine the players to play in the V-League.

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