Family of extreme choice youth players take legal action against Gimpo FC club

 A bereaved family who lost their son due to an extreme choice after being bullied by the youth team of professional football Gimpo FC filed an application for a temporary injunction to suspend business against the club’s youth team.메이저사이트

On the 6th, the victim’s parent, Mr. Jeong, submitted an application for injunction to suspend business against the high school and middle school teams of Gimpo FC to the court. Through the distribution of the statement, Mr. Jeong claimed, “(Even though the Sports Ethics Center decided to request disciplinary action for the coach), Gimpo FC did not suspend their duties because they did not directly receive the disciplinary documents. This is causing mental damage to the family.” did.

Mr. Jeong said, “Rather than suspending the duties of coaches who have violated the human rights of young players, rather renewing contracts and putting players in the position of coaching is against social order and is harmful to growing youth. Until this is properly completed, Mr. I applied for a temporary injunction to suspend business because I thought that the club operation should be suspended.”

Jeong’s son made the extreme choice of jumping from the fourth floor of the dormitory building for the youth team of Gimpo FC in April of last year. Jeong-gun left a 5-page will containing the contents of verbal abuse by his coach and bullying by his colleagues.

Afterwards, the Sports Ethics Center, which investigated the case, decided to request disciplinary action against the coaches who were identified as perpetrators on January 3rd. Regarding this, Gimpo FC is said to have explained that it needs a clear administrative basis for action, but that an official letter has not yet come to the club.

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