‘Female volleyball star → Salary cut in half?’ Kim Hee-jin “I fell to the bottom, so I have to go up now”

The 2022-2023 season was full of regrets for Kim Hee-jin (32, 185 cm), the native ace of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in the women’s professional volleyball division. Her season had to end prematurely due to her chronic knee injury.

Kim Hee-jin underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in her left knee in May 2021, and immediately competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Although she had not fully recovered, she demonstrated her fighting spirit and led the women’s volleyball semifinal legend.

However, because of her overdoing it, her knee broke again. Kim Hee-jin played through the pain for her team, but she found it difficult to even walk. On February 27th she was put on the operating table and she was out for the season.

After about 3 months, Kim Hee-jin is working hard on her rehabilitation. She met Kim Hee-jin, who pledged her splendid revival after ups and downs from a star who led the popularity of women’s volleyball to the worst last season, at the Industrial Bank of Korea’s gym in Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 8th of her CBS No Cut News.

▲ She said, “She was in good shape, but two days before the opening, she got injured… she got angry.”

Regarding her current physical condition, Kim Hee-jin said, “I’m not in a state to say how much yet.” Still, she said, “she started rehab about a month after the surgery and her recovery doesn’t seem too bad,” she said.

At the time, her rehabilitation was expected to take about a year, but she said her recovery was faster than expected. Kim Hee-jin said, “She said at the hospital that she would need about eight months to recover safely without recurring injuries,” she said. I explained the situation.

Kim Hee-jin has been consistently active since her professional debut in 2010, but last season, due to a knee injury, she was unable to demonstrate her skills. He appeared in 28 games, scoring only 251 points, and his offensive success rate was only 34.28%.

As much as he was in good shape before the season, he was bound to be frustrated. Kim Hee-jin recalled, “I’m not depressed now, but at the time I was so sad and angry.” He continued, “I was in very good shape during the evaluation match before last season. Even people around me said that it was worth looking forward to.”

It was because of Ace’s responsibility that he did not get on the operating table immediately after his injury. Kim Hee-jin said, “I was in such good shape before the season that coach (Kim Ho-cheol) expected a lot,” and “I thought the team had the power I wanted, so I also had high expectations.”  

Kim Hee-jin looked back, saying, “But the atmosphere got messy because of my injury,” and “I became passive because I couldn’t move much on the court.” He continued, “I continued to play after the injury, but later I was unable to move,” and explained, “So I told the coach and decided to have surgery.”

▲”I continue to accompany my parents’ team… I’m doing my best in rehabilitation while watching my dog”

After the season, Kim Hee-jin was released as a free agent (FA), but IBK Industrial Bank decided to accompany Kim Hee-jin’s injury. In other words, he honored the franchise star who was the founding member of the team and led the heyday, such as winning.

Kim Hee-jin had the same idea. Although the annual salary was cut in half from 600 million won (450 million won in annual salary, 150 million won in options) to 350 million won (150 million won in annual salary, 200 million won in options) in the previous year, passionate affection for the team revealed and chose to remain.

Regarding the reason for staying at IBK Industrial Bank, Kim Hee-jin said, “Because I underwent a major surgery, I thought that there would be a lot of uneasy things about each other even if I moved to another team.” I guess I did,” he explained.

​​​There must be a lot of worries about whether I will be able to show my skills after returning However, Kim Hee-jin said, “I don’t have much to worry about. Even if my return is delayed, it would be nice if I could come back in perfect shape.”

What is the driving force to overcome the difficult rehabilitation process? Kim Hee-jin laughed, “My dog ​​is a great source of strength. I want to recover faster because I want to go for a walk with my dog.” (A smile did not leave Kim Hee-jin’s mouth when he mentioned the dog.)

IBK Industrial Bank, which felt Kim Hee-jin’s gap last season, recorded 15 wins, 21 losses, and 48 points, staying in 6th place, and the spring volleyball was canceled. However, Kim Hee-jin was confident that the team would rebound in the new season after returning.  

Kim Hee-jin expressed confidence, saying, “He stayed in the lower ranks, but I think the players will be able to play the game by putting down the pressure.” He continued, “I personally think that I have gone down to the bottom after my injury,” but showed a confident appearance, saying, “I have the expectation that I will be able to hit and rise again as much as I have come down a lot.”

▲”Hwang Min-kyung, the 1st quarter/foreigner… If I do well, I win”

The team has undergone many changes ahead of the new season. At IBK Industrial Bank, veteran middle blocker Kim Su-ji left for Heungkuk Life Insurance through an FA contract, Hwang Min-kyung, an outside hitter who played for Hyundai E&C, was brought to free agency먹튀검증. New middle blocker Lim Hye-rim also joined as Kim Su-ji’s reward player.

On top of this, the luck of obtaining the first choice in both the Asian Quarter and the Foreign Player Draft followed. They recruited Thai setter Ponpun Gedpard and Puerto Rico apogeetic spiker Brittany Abercrombie, respectively.

As the team succeeded in reinforcing their strength, Kim Hee-jin was excited about the new season. He said, “I think (Shin) Yeon-kyung and (Pyo) Seung-ju, who went to the national team, will come back after growing more.”

In particular, I was full of excitement at the thought of working with setter Phonpun, who was considered the biggest player in the first Asian quarter draft in the V-League history. Kim Hee-jin said, “I think the team’s receive line has improved, so I think Ponpun will often try fast attacks using the middle blocker.” I think,” he predicted.

This is Kim Hee-jin, who has been both an apositive spiker and a middle blocker. However, since IBK Industrial Bank of Korea nominated Abercrombie, an apologetic spiker, in the foreign player draft, he is expected to play an active role as a middle blocker in the new season.

Regarding his goal after returning, Kim Hee-jin She continued, “My goal is to show good play without using injuries as an excuse, even if it’s not until I’m in my prime,” she raised her voice.

She also revealed a strong desire to win. Kim Hee-jin said, “After winning the 2016-2017 season, all the key players left and I was left alone, and I have never won a championship.” I also worried a lot about ‘Am I the problem? “I want to help the team win again,” he said.

‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance) and Kim Hee-jin, who increased the popularity of women’s volleyball. He had the worst time with an injury last season, but he overcame difficult surgery and rehabilitation and is dreaming of flying again.

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