freshman from Jeonnam who wants to break the ‘possibility’ shell with at least ten goals

Right after joining Gyeongnam FC a year ago, he had a clean dandy impression, but now he has transformed into a ‘wild beauty’ look after moving to Jeonnam Dragons. I am talking about Hanam, a promising striker in Jeonnam. And he showed a will to be reborn as a tough and powerful striker not only in appearance but also in terms of skill.

In preparation for the 2023 season, Jeonnam recruited striker Hanam, who played for FC Anyang and Gyeongnam. He is a striker who has both decent scoring ability and vigorous activity, so he is evaluated as a card suitable for the quick transition between offense and defense and forward pressure that Director Lee expects.

For Hanam, the transfer to Jeonnam is very important. Last year, when he joined Gyeongnam after being recognized for his skills through his play in Anyang, he received quite a chance even at the beginning of the season, but the number of appearances decreased somewhat after that. Hanam showed his motivation, saying “I came to Jeonnam to have more opportunities to play” at the meeting with <Best Eleven>, but he wanted a team that could play regularly and raise sharp scoring skills.

Hanam said, “I received a new proposal from Jeonnam and prepared for the 2023 season. So, I am also doing winter training with a new mindset.” I am adapting while worrying about whether I will be able to melt quickly,” he explained his impression of the new team.

Hanam’s goal for the 2023 season is at least 10 goals. However, given the opportunity, his desire to please Lee by surely scoring ten goals seemed evident.

Immediately after joining Jeonnam, he also revealed an interesting episode with coach Lee. After coming to Gwangyang, Hanam went with a friend to watch an early football match. It is rumored that Hanam also often enjoys early soccer with his friends on holidays. But there, I saw coach Lee who played as a ‘player’. Hanam, who witnessed the play of coach Lee, who swept the touchline with a tremendous amount of activity during his active career, laughed, saying, “I went there by accident, and I knew exactly what the coach wanted.” Director Lee unintentionally provided ‘audio-visual education’ to freshman Hanam as a ‘proficient teaching assistant’. 안전놀이터

“The director, fellow seniors and juniors, and acquaintances tell me, ‘You have a lot of things and your potential is really great’.”

Hanam seemed eager to break his shell by wearing a Jeonnam uniform. Now, he is not a player who is only recognized for his potential, but he wants to grow constantly and become a player big enough to knock on the door of the national team in the distant future, which was Hanam’s real goal. Hanam pledged, “I will try to enjoy the aggressive soccer that Jeonnam wants to play, the dynamic soccer, and the fun soccer.” Hanam was full of aspirations to create a cool and wonderful goal storm at the forefront of Jeonnam.

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