Gambling Jackpot Winnings Being Contested By Connecticut Sisters

Two sisters are headed to court in Connecticut with differing story’s of an agreement that was in place regarding gambling winnings. One sister won a Powerball lottery jackpot of $500,000, and the other sister believes she is owed half of the money. 메이저사이트

Theresa Sokaitis has sued her sister, Rose Bakaysa, for her half of the winnings. Sokaitis claims that the two sisters had a written agreement that they would split any gambling winnings.

Within a couple of years of the agreement, the two had a falling out. The agreement was signed in 2004, and after the falling out, Sokaitis learned of her sisters good fortune. She went looking for her share of the winnings, and was told that no money would be exchanging hands.

At that point Sokaitis filed the suit. Originally, a judge dismissed the case on the grounds that Connecticut law makes gambling contracts illegal. The Supreme Court, however, ruled that because the winnings came from a legal form of betting, the lottery, that the case can continue.

On Tuesday, Sokaitis testified about the written agreement in the morning, and Bakaysa was set to give her side of the story in the afternoon. At stake for both women is $250,000.

Although she is seeking her share of the jackpot winnings, Sokaitis stopped short of accusing her sister of completely disowning the family. Instead, she claims that Bakaysa has been generous with her money over the years.

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