Gold medalists are different… Shopley, ‘hole-in-one buddy’ even blindfolded

2021 Tokyo Olympic men’s golf gold medalist Zander Shopley (USA) recorded a hole-in-one birdie even with his eyes closed, making it a hot topic.

Shopley recently participated in the ‘Highland X Vision Challenge’, an 안전놀이터 event competition hosted by Highland, one of its sponsors, and challenged ‘blindfolded par 3 hole competition’. The event, which took place on a 105-yard par 3 hole, was played twice, depending on the help of people around them, after covering their eyes with an eye patch.

In the first attempt without help, the first tee shot was out of bounds (OB). He received a penalty and his third shot went to the bunker next to the green. Shopley, who lost at-bats going back and forth between bunkers and bunkers around the green, struggled to get to the green, but was unable to hole out.

The second attempt with assistance was different. After being informed of the ball’s position, aiming, distance, and wind direction through his father and caddy, Chopley hit the ball with confidence. The ball that landed on the green slightly passed the side of the hole and stopped at a distance of 1m. Shopley, who made a successful uphill putt and holed out with a birdie, said, “I have to play like this in a tournament… ”he laughed.

After the game, he said, “With the help of my father and caddy, I was able to finish well. He laughed, saying, “I don’t want to play 18 holes like this.” At the Phoenix Open, which opens on the 9th of this month, Shopley will challenge for a total of 8 wins on the PGA Tour.

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