Grab the buoy and struggle for 7 hours… A high school student drowning in the Han River is rescued by a fisherman

A high school student was rescued by fishermen after falling into the Han River, drifting 1.5 km and holding on to a buoy for 7 hours안전놀이터.

Today (16th) around 5:00 am, 65-year-old Kim Hong-seok, who was returning from fishing for eels in the lower reaches of the Han River in Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, found and rescued a 17-year-old high school student A floating holding on to a Styrofoam buoy.

Group A is said to have fallen into the Han River at Gayang Bridge in Gangseo-gu at around 10:00 pm yesterday (15th) and floated 1.5 km away, holding on to a Styrofoam buoy set by fishermen and waiting for rescue.

Mr. Kim moved A to a barge, a shelter for fishermen, and made him feel comfortable by lighting a stove and boiling ramen, and reported it to the police to hand over A to his parents.

Group A complained of hypothermia, but it is known that there is no danger to life.

Mr. Kim, who is a fisherman from the Haengju fishing village in Goyang City and a member of the Haengju Rescue Team of the Korea Maritime Rescue Association, said, “I have often found dead bodies, but this is the first time I have rescued a living student like this.” It was very painful,” he said.

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