Grealish ‘Man City locker room secrets exposed’ → Holland is ‘Korea’s Seo Jang-hoon’

 Jack Grealish, who plays바카라사이트 for Manchester City in the English Premier League, has revealed the secret of the squad. It revealed a secret in the locker room that ordinary fans could not know. Of course, the fans burst into laughter because it was a fun secret rather than a revealing of shame.

According to an article reported by The Sun on the 6th, Grealish revealed the secrets of various fields such as the least dressed player in Man City, that is, the player with the worst fashion sense, the player who takes the longest shower, and the best dancer.

Grealish first revealed who took the longest shower in the locker room. He is said to be none other than Erling Haaland, the best player in the English Premier League as he scored 51 goals this season. Grealish was singled out as a player who showered for so long that he wouldn’t come out of the shower. He is like Seo Jang-hoon, who is now active as a broadcaster. He boasts a neatness like a mysticism.

Grealish picked John Stones as the team’s dancing machine. He is said to be a natural born dancer that needs no explanation. It is said that he not only dances well, but also has a good sense of music.

Conversely, then who is the star who can’t dance the best? He confessed that it was none other than Grealish himself, and Grealish also posted an excuse. He boasted that he spends a great deal of time with music. It’s an excuse that he can’t dance, but he loves music too much. Recently, rumors are circulating that Grealish is studying DJ hard.

Who is the best-dressed player in Manchester City? Jack Grealish? No, Grealish picked Kyle Walker as the best dresser. He’s been sluggish all season and mostly sits on the bench, but one thing he wears is that he dresses terribly well. But the media joked, “I wouldn’t say if it was because he had more time to think about fashion because he was sitting on the bench.”

Conversely, Grealish chose Rodri as the least dressed colleague. He said he had been so busy on the pitch that he hadn’t had time to think about choosing clothes. That would mean focusing only on the game. Rodri also says that he has a unique taste in music.Grealish answered the last question, “Who is the most relaxed during practice?” “He is Man City’s iconic playmaker. Kevin de Bruyne is just apathetic in training. But how good he plays on match day.” It means that he is a star who shines more brightly in the stadium than in training.

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