Group assault on daughter in the middle of Gangnam… Father detained, mother and brother prohibited access

In the middle of Gangnam, Seoul, an entire family assaulted a middle school student’s daughter, and the police have launched an investigation.

According to the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on the 22nd, the parents of victim A in their 40s were charged with child abuse under the Child Welfare Act, and the older brother in high school was charged with assault. Looking at closed-circuit ( CC ) TV reported by

SBS and others, Miss A’s father grabbed Miss A as she ran away with all her might barefoot on the road next to an apartment complex in Gangnam around 0:00 on the 15th, hit her in the abdomen with her fist, and grabbed her hair. beaten, etc. Her brother, a high school student who appeared later, also joined the assault, and the mother who came to the scene at the end kicked Miss A, who was sitting on her knees on the road, several times with her feet. The assault on the entire family continued for about 20 minutes. The police, who were dispatched to a report by a witness먹튀검증, rounded up the parents and older brother in a nearby apartment and took emergency measures to evict the father from the house. Afterwards, based on the CCTV footage, temporary measures were taken on the 18th to prevent the mother and brother from approaching Miss A. In particular, the father, who was subject to No. 7, the strongest temporary measure under the Child Abuse Punishment Act (detaining the perpetrator in a detention center or detention center for up to two months), was detained at the Eastern Detention Center in Seoul on the 19th. In an investigation conducted by the police and the district office, the family stated, “The child was asked to fill out a questionnaire in advance for hospital treatment, but the child refused and was punished. It is known

Miss A has been living in a child protection facility since three days after the incident. The police are checking whether Miss A has been continuously abused by her family.

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