Group assault on middle school girls in the middle of Gangnam… The perpetrators are parents and older brothers

A middle school girl was assaulted by a group at the entrance of an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul. The perpetrators caught by the police were parents and older brother living in the same house. Police separated the child from the family토스카지노.

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul said on the 19th that it was investigating the parents of a middle school girl victim in their 40s on charges of child abuse and her brother, a male high school student, on charges of domestic violence.

They are accused of assaulting a middle school girl for about 20 minutes at the entrance of an apartment complex in Gangnam-gu, Seoul around midnight on the 15th.

A middle school girl is being assaulted by several people. The perpetrators were the victim’s parents and her older brother. SBS press screen capture

According to the CCTV footage at the time of the public assault, the middle school girl ran at high speed, and an adult man followed and caught her and started assaulting her. After a while, when her woman appeared, the middle school girl even knelt down on her asphalt floor. But this woman got her kicked. They hit her middle school girl in the stomach and her face several times.

The police, who were dispatched after receiving a report from a passerby who witnessed the assault, arrested the three perpetrators in a nearby apartment. The perpetrators were the parents and older brother living in the same house as the victim.

In an investigation conducted by the police and the district office, the parents stated, “The child was asked to fill out a questionnaire in advance for hospital treatment, but the child refused and was punished. It is said to have been There was no history of receiving 112 reports for domestic violence or child abuse in the past.

The victim’s middle school student was separated to a shelter the next day according to his will. The police also took emergency temporary measures, such as prohibiting access to the three people and prohibiting communication. The police are investigating the details of the accident against the family.

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