‘I confirmed the round of 6… ‘ Carrot’s PO ticket with a subscription fee of 1 billion

Carrot confirmed his advance to the playoffs in the round of 6. However, you must pay 1 billion won for unpaid subscription fees to participate in the playoffs먹튀검증.

Carrot lost 57-68 to DB in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball away game held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 18th. However, with a record of 26 wins and 24 losses, the gap with 7th place kt (20 wins and 29 losses), which was lost to KGC, was maintained by 5.5 games, confirming their advance to the playoffs in the round of 6. Even if kt wins all the remaining 5 games, it is not ahead of Carrot.

The problem is that the remainder of the subscription fee must be paid to KBL.

Carrot failed to pay the KBL subscription fee of 1.5 billion won before the season. It was decided to pay 500 million won in the first round of October, but the deadline was not met. Five days later, by paying 500 million won, the urgent fire was extinguished, but it is unclear whether the remaining 1 billion won will be paid by March. Carrot is unable to pay the salaries of the players on time.

If they do not pay 1 billion won by March 31, they will be disqualified from participating in the playoffs. Instead, the 7th place gets a ticket to the playoffs in the round of 6. However, since the regular league ends on March 29, there is a possibility that the deadline for paying the remaining subscription fee may be extended for reasons such as preparation for the playoffs.

Meanwhile, KGC and LG, which are competing for the championship in the regular league, took victory side by side.

KGC defeated kt 76-68, and LG won 77-76 come-from-behind victory over Samsung with Lee Jae-do’s final free throw 0.3 seconds before the end. KGC 35-15, LG 33-16. The gap is still 1.5 games.

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