‘I tried to contact the experienced person, but… ‘ Coach Cho Sang-hyun “The best of the players who can come”

 Among the players who could come as substitute foreign players, he was the best. Although it is regrettable, director Jo Sang-hyun is preparing the next plan quickly.

On the 5th, Changwon LG recruited Reggie Perry (23, 203cm), who had experience in the NBA with the Brooklyn Nets바카라, as a substitute foreign player for Asem Marais. He played in the G League all season, and is a resource that can throw a three-point shot with a physical condition of 203 cm / 113 kg. He averaged 20.7 points, 6.9 rebounds and 3.4 assists in 24 games.

His offense is known to be outstanding, but his key is his defense. Marey ranked first in rebounding for two consecutive seasons, and was also selected as the 5th defensive girl this season. His ability to deal with opponents 2-on-2 was top-notch among KBL foreign players. Marey played a key role in helping LG take second place in the regular league with an average of 76.6 runs (1st place), but a calf injury prevented him from playing ‘Spring Basketball’.

Although he earned time by going straight to the semifinals, the foreign player Cho Sang-hyun wanted was a KBL career player. This is because it can reduce the risk of adaptability.

“I wanted a player who played in the KBL to come. It is because he knows the Korean basketball style and adapts quickly. He also contacted La Gun-ah (KCC) and Jamil Warney (SK) with experienced players who can hold on, but the Japanese and Chinese leagues are not over yet. He had no choice but to find it in the G League. I think it was the best choice out of all of them.” Director Jo Sang-hyun said.

Looking at the record alone, you can expect to be competitive, but the most important thing is adaptability and physical condition. Director Jo Sang-hyun said, “The record is good, but I don’t know the physical condition at all. The G-League ended last week, so I don’t know what my body would have been like in the week after that. I am worried that he will be able to defend as much as Marey. My head hurts,” he said.

Coach Cho Sang-hyun continued, “In addition to rebounding, Marey played a lot of roles in defense. He got his way through the defense and was good at 2-on-2 defense. Perry also needs to be integrated into our team’s defensive system to some extent. It is not an easy task as there is not much time left until the quarterfinals.”

Perry will enter Korea on the 6th and will undergo a medical test immediately. Marey also plans to stay in Korea for the time being to help Perry adapt.

“Marey wanted to receive more treatment in Korea. “I plan to appoint Perry as a mental training instructor,” said manager Cho Sang-hyun, who laughed, “Dante Cunningham, who knows the team system well, could play more. The most important thing is Perry’s physical condition. We have to see if he can play for 10 or 20 minutes, or if he just comes because the G League is over.”

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