“I would have been ‘outcast’ under Conte… ‘God’s move’ to Naples” → ‘Champion’ Ndombele’s sniper

“I am satisfied with the choice of Naples.”

Coming to Italy as a rental was a godsend. Midfielder Tanguy Ndombele, who was loaned to Naples from Tottenham last summer바카라사이트, had a great time wearing a Napoli muffler like a hood at Napoli’s victory celebration held right after the match between Napoli and Fiorentina on the 8th, and giving laughter to the crowd with a running pose. .

Ndombele, who had nested in Tottenham for 60 million euros (approximately 85 billion won), the club’s highest transfer fee at the time of 2019, failed to avoid sluggishness from the first season. came

Former Tottenham manager Antonio Conte didn’t bat an eye at him at the start of the season.

However, after coming to Naples, things changed. He did not perform well, but he played 30 Serie A matches and played faithfully as a backup midfielder, coming on as a substitute in 22 of his 30 matches.

As a result, Ndombele had no choice but to have mixed feelings. The Napoli media ‘Area Napoli’ introduced Ndombele’s interview on the 9th and introduced him as ‘one of the players whom Spalletti used the most among bench resources’.

In an interview right after the match against Fiorentina, he said, “Thanks to the fans who supported our players so that they would not give up, we won the Scudetto (a shield-shaped mark worn by the winning team during the season) after 33 years that everyone has been waiting for for a long time. “Even if our players are being treated as goods, I don’t mind being loaned out,” he said.

Then, he fired a direct hit at the former manager of the elemental team, who had now left.

Ndombele exclaimed, “I am satisfied with choosing Napoli. If I had been with Conte, I would not have had a place at Tottenham and I would have been left out.”According to foreign media, Tottenham is considering paying a penalty to Ndombele to terminate the contract. However, if Ndombele terminates his contract and goes to the market as a free agent, there is a good chance that Napoli will take him back.

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