Is a transfer fee of 300 million expensive? FA Mia, should we wait until the start of SA&T?

 Do we have to wait until the season starts? 스포츠토토

Veteran pitcher Jung Chan-heon (35), who remains a lost FA, is not opening his way. He is virtually the only missing free agent. Kang Ri-ho said that if he becomes a free agent, he will retire. 

The 10 team spring camps have also come to an end. Sooner or later, they will return home from camp and start an exhibition game all at once. There is less than a month left until the start of the season. Still, I haven’t heard of Jeong Chan-heon’s contract.

The Kiwoom club has no intention of joining Jeong Chan-heon. Instead, he announced a sign-and-trade policy in consideration of player extension. I can only hear that several clubs are interested.  

Kiwoom wants to secure a transfer fee during the Sat process. Originally a B-level free agent. If cash compensation is given, it is 200% of the previous year’s annual salary, or 560 million won.

Kiwoom said it would cut the transfer fee. Although the specific amount was not disclosed, it is estimated to be around 300 million won if it is reduced by about 50%. 

Considering the experience and ability of Jeong Chan-heon, the transfer fee of 300 million won is not very expensive. It is usable enough. He can start and play the bullpen. He has a career record of 48 wins, 46 saves and 25 holds. However, no sellers appearing to take them. 

Apparently, when preparing for the spring camp, it seems that young pitchers are making progress and the skills of existing players are improving. Expectations also rise. Coaches want to give younger players a chance. So there may be no demand for Jung Chan-heon yet.  

However, as the season progresses after demonstration games, injured pitchers appear one by one. There are holes here and there on the mound. At that time, Jeong Chan-heon is a person who has the ability to use it. Ultimately, it is a race against time.

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