“Is everyone a fraudster if they offer a rented house?”… Sad landlords

In the rental car market, ‘jeonsephoria’ (fear of charter contracts) is spreading. The verification process of the landlord and the tenants of the house is also becoming overworked. There are an increasing number of cases in which tenants are pushing landlords by demanding proof of employment from landlords and even considering the jeonse rate, which is the ratio of the rental price to the sale price. Normal landlords are appealing, saying, “We are not cheaters, but we are going to die.”

According to a real estate agency on the 19th in Hwagok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, where villas (townhouses and multi-family houses) are concentrated, the level of tenants verifying the landlord is also increasing day by day as the damage from charter fraud is increasing day by day.

It has become so common that most tenants are aware of taking off the certified copy of the register of the house to be rented. After checking the certified copy of the register with a real estate agent, after returning home and looking into it again with parents or acquaintances, we verify the certified copy of the register three or four times, such as going through another verification online.

Verification of the landlord is also difficult. It’s better if you just ask the landlord’s job through a realtor. Quite an increase in the number of tenants asking for a certificate of employment, saying, “I can’t believe it” when a real estate agent asks the landlord for a job.

A sign is posted at the Eunpyeong-gu Office in Seoul announcing the operation of a counseling center for charter damage support. Photo = News 1

Unlike before, more specific indicators are also introduced. Even if it is not jeonse fraud, tenants check the ‘jeonse tax rate’ to prevent ‘canned jeonse’ and ‘reverse jeonse’. It is said that there are many cases where tenants ask for a contract with a jeonse rate of 50% or less, and when the landlord is worried, he leaves immediately saying, “If you don’t want to do it, I’ll look for another house.”

As more and more tenants’ demands go beyond the limit메이저사이트, landlords are also ‘suffering’. A landlord who offered a chartered house in Seoul said, “I understand interviewing landlords when signing a charter contract,” but “I’m not a criminal, but I’m not even threatening to find another house if I don’t meet the requirements in the certificate of employment. It seems,” he said.

He appealed, “Unlike before, the market situation is correct, where the tenant is A and the landlord is B, but the landlords are also having a hard time if they make difficult demands.”

Seong Chang-yeop, head of the Korea Housing Leases Association, said, “As damages related to lease contracts such as jeonse fraud are rapidly increasing, many landlords are getting tired of tenants’ excessive demands.” It is a policy that only expands the conflict between the tenant and the tenant.”

Members of the National Landlords Association condemning measures related to damages from government charter fraud. Photo = News 1

On the other hand, the government plans to extend the period of the rental and monthly rent reporting system, one of the ‘Three Lease Acts’, by one more year, and to fix the ‘Three Lease Acts’, as well as the charter system that caused the jeonse fraud and canned jeonse crisis.

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong said, “The charter system has played a role in our society, but now we are seeing whether it has run out of life.” It is a situation that needs to be seen.”

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