Is it a trick if the gloves for running to protect your hands are too long? Above KBO rules, limited to 30cm in length

 The size of base-running gloves, which were made much larger than the hand, is limited.

On the 20th, KBO announced the results of the 2022 KBO Rules Committee meeting, and in the case of base running gloves, only gloves with a maximum length of 30 cm and a width of 13 cm can be worn.

Running gloves are made larger than the hands to protect runners’ hands. In the case of regular gloves, there is a high possibility of getting caught on the base or defender’s gloves while sliding, but in the case of baserunning gloves, they are made longer than the fingers of ordinary players, and are made to be worn with all hands together, which has the effect of preventing injury. For this reason, you can often see quick players who steal a lot wearing them to protect their hands.

However, it was also seen as a device that made it too big to reach the base a little faster.

Runners must wear gloves and secure them so that they do not fall out of their hands during play, and if the umpire determines that there is an impediment to play by violating this rule, a penalty of 2 million won will be imposed.

Sanctions for the use of foreign substances and rules for the use of rosin were also established. The foreign substance inspection was conducted before and during the game when the referee had doubts or when the opposing team filed an objection. If a sticky special substance or a prohibited foreign substance is clearly identified, it is considered a foul play. In addition to pitchers, fielders and catchers may also be inspected for foreign substances at the discretion of the referee. 토토

If a player is found to be using a foreign substance, the player will be immediately ejected and suspended for 10 games in accordance with existing Baseball Rules 3.01, 6.02(d) 1.

In response to concerns that some highly viscous rosin could affect pitching if self-made and used, a rule was added so that only approved rosin products could be used. Rosin that can be used in the KBO League can only be used in products approved by KBO, Major League Baseball (MLB), or Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). should receive