It’s a ‘bargain sale’, but ‘new history’… Min-jae Kim, ‘top 10 transfer fee for center backs’ reservation

Interest in Kim Min-jae is reaching its peak.

On the 16th (Korean time), the US ‘Forbes’ reported the transfer rumor with the headline, ‘Manchester United target Kim Min-jae could be a bargain sale this summer (again)’. ‘Forbes’ recently focused on Kim Min-jae, and once again emphasized his future direction.

The media said, “Kim Min-jae has received love calls in the past. Napoli was a club that took risks, but it was more than expected. Kim Min-jae토스카지노 is being watched by the English Premier League (EPL) big clubs and has a buyout. Early July He can leave Naples with a $55 million (about 73.6 billion won) to $65 million (about 87 billion won) clause that will be activated over the course of 15 days.”

It is a price that has attracted attention in the world economy. ‘Forbes’ said, “(Kim Min-jae buyout) is roughly the 10th most expensive amount invested in a centre-back so far. It is similar to the transfer fee that Tottenham Hotspur paid for Christian Romero and Manchester United for Lisandro Martinez. But a good deal It will be,” he said, predicting that Kim Min-jae would live up to the value.

“Kim Min-jae is strong, is good at aerial balls, and is good at intercepting the ball. He also has the passing ability to lead the rear build-up. Kim Min-jae recorded the most passes in Italian Serie A this season and his accuracy was the 8th. In Naples, almost He played in all matches and also participated in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar,” he introduced Kim Min-jae.

Kim Min-jae entered the big league by leaving Fenerbahce and moving to Napoli. He was ambitiously recruited as a resource to replace Koulibaly, who had long reigned as one of Italy’s top Serie A centre-backs. As such, Kim Min-jae received a lot of expectations and attention.

There were also concerns about the fact that he had no big league experience yet, but all worries were for nothing. Kim Min-jae became the core of Napoli’s defense under the moderation of coach Luciano Spalletti. His reckless defense and stable connection, as well as his dedication, kept the goal.

Napoli and Kim Min-jae, who finally won the ‘Scudetto (Italian Serie A championship)’. As the end of the season approaches, love calls are pouring in. Recently, he has been strongly connected with Man Utd, who are aiming to strengthen the center back. ‘Forbes’ also showed extraordinary expectations, saying, “Kim Min-jae can have an immediate impact at Manchester United, as he did at Fenerbahce and Napoli.”

Kim Min-jae is not in a hurry. The possibility of renewing his contract remains, of course. Attention is focusing on whether he will go to Italy by staying in Naples or start a new challenge by entering the EPL.

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