“It’s going to explode”… ‘The largest number of spectators ever’ K-League decorated scenes

Both the ghost-catching Marines and the fans who were holding their breath couldn’t help but cheer. With picturesque scenes that embroidered the ground, from exciting mid-range shots to spectacular overhead kicks, the K-League recorded the largest number of spectators ever.


World Cup star Cho Kyu-seong, who calmly scored a goal, did well, but the main character of the match was actually this player.

[Replay commentator: Hit me with your left foot! Enter! Accosti!]

The ball kicked with the left foot traces an exquisite trajectory and is sucked into the corner of the goal.

Suwon Samsung’s Akosti, who made the tie, was ranked among the best 11 in the second round of the league after the match, and it was this player who showed that difficult goals can be successful enough if he does not give up.

As Incheon’s Mpoku spins backwards in the air, the kicked ball hits the goal post.

However, when he hit the goalkeeper and fell back in front of Mpoku, he pushed it lightly and made a turnaround goal.

After scoring a stunning goal, Mpoku took a yellow card and took off his shirt before running to the fans to share their joy.

From the ‘Panenka Kick’, which lightly launches the ball toward the front with a strong kick, to a cool mid-range shot that lightly penetrates two or three defenders,

The K-League has recorded the highest number of spectators ever since the opening match, when only paid spectators were counted five years ago, as the goals that have been reversal have brought in fans.

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