‘It’s the same up to 0.001 seconds’… Koh Seung-hwan and Shin Min-kyu win the men’s 200m joint championship at the KBS Cup, ‘a rare scene’

 The rankings could not be determined even by reading the photos. Athletes who reached the top with the same record up to 0.001 second in men’s athletics were born. Men’s 200m Koh Seung-hwan (26) and Shin Min-gyu (23, Army Sports Corps)먹튀검증 are the main characters.

They competed in the 200m finals of the men’s college and general division at the KBS Cup National Track and Field Championship held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 8th, and won the ‘joint championship’ with a record of 21 seconds 01 seconds.

After the game, the Korea Association of Athletics Federations tried to determine the rankings of the two athletes by photo reading, but the two records were the same up to 0.001 second. The record of Koh Seung-hwan and Shin Min-gyu, measured to 1/1000th of a second, was 21 seconds 004.

Ko Seung-hwan holds a personal best of 20.51 seconds, which is tied for third place in the Korean men’s 200m event. Shin Min-kyu held the Korean high school men’s 200m record (20.84 seconds). The two players, who are serving in the military together, increased their chances of participating in the Asian Games by winning the KBS Cup, which also served as the representative selection match for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In the women’s 200m, Lee Min-jeong (31, Siheung City Hall) took the top spot with 24.51 seconds, and Kim So-eun (20, Gapyeong-gun Office) came second with 24.58 seconds. Kim So-eun is the twin sister of Kim Da-eun (20, Gapyeong-gun Office), who won the women’s 100m event.

Lee Min-jung, who reigns as the ‘strongest woman in women’s 200m’, said she was satisfied with third place with 12.02 in the 100m, but she did not miss the top spot in the 200m. She showed a strong side in the 200m enough to win eight times in domestic competitions held last year, and did not miss first place in two competitions including KBS Bae this year.

Meanwhile, Park Da-yoon (20), a sprinter from Seoul National University, finished 7th in the final with a time of 25.76 seconds after passing the 200m preliminary round. Choi Gyeong-seon (31, Jecheon City Hall), who secured the right to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games in the marathon, participated in the women’s 10,000 m event and won with a record of 34 minutes 04 seconds 64.

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