Jeon Hee-chul, SK coach, “Choi Bu-gyeong looks like he has a bruise” … Cho Dong-hyun, manager of Hyundai Mobis, apologized to director Jeon Hee-chul for Prim’s misbehavior.

“Choi Bu-kyung seems to have suffered a bruise” (SK coach Jeon Hee-chul)
“I apologized to coach Jeon Hee-chul for Prim’s misbehavior” (Jo Dong-hyun, coach of Hyundai Mobis)

Seoul SK held the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 10th. They beat Ulsan Hyundai Mobis 85-75 in the regular basketball league. With 29 wins and 18 losses, they solidified their 3rd place. It is 1.5 games away from 4th place Hyundai Mobis (27-19) and 2.5 games away from 2nd place Changwon LG (31-15).

Hyundai Mobis is struggling with the rise of the main resource, but SK is the same. We have to deal with Hyundai Mobis without Choi Jun-yong (200cm, F) and Choi Seong-won (184cm, G). As a result, the burden on Kim Seon-hyeong (187cm, G) and Jamil Warney (199cm, C) increased.

SK’s start was not good. However, they took a 6-0 lead in 1 minute and 27 seconds of the second quarter. After forming the flow, Kim Seon-hyung got a foul free throw with overwhelming speed. However, SK was unable to use its strength in Hyundai Mobis’ fierce attack in the second quarter. The first half ended 34-45.

Kim Seon-hyung and Warney made a simultaneous sortie in the 3rd quarter. Kim Seon-hyung used speed to break through, and Warney attacked the Hyundai Mobis defense with a plotter. Because the one-two punch endured, SK escaped the worst. Rather, I could think of a reversal scenario.

SK, which was on the rise, balanced Hyundai Mobis in 3 minutes and 50 seconds from the start of the 4th quarter. The balance of SK’s power has become stronger. And Heo Il-yeong (195cm, F) scored 3 points, 77-71 3 minutes and 17 seconds before the end of the game. SK, which delivered a fatal blow, completed a come-from-behind drama.

SK coach Jeon Hee-chul said after the game먹튀검증, “Prim hit hard at the end. It looks like Bukyung Choi has suffered bruises. Fortunately, it is not a ligament or cartilage. However, I will have to check again tomorrow morning. I had to finish it neatly…” he said.

He continued, “The attack was stiff without being an outlying attack. However, I made Warney catch it at the high post, and Kim Seon-hyung made an option that could be played even if it was driven to the left. Also, when we stood in the regional defense, we captured the short gap well.”

On the other hand, Hyundai Mobis was unable to close the gap with SK (29-18) with 27-19. Still in 4th place alone.

Hyundai Mobis has a good news. The point is that Ham Ji-hoon (198cm, F) came back after recovering from a back injury. However, Lee Woo-seok (196cm, G) and Jang Jae-seok (202cm, C) were still out of line. The reason why Seo Myung-jin (189cm, G), Ronjay Avarientos (181cm, G), and Gage Prim (205cm, C) have a high proportion.

However, Prim and Seo Myung-jin held the center, and Choi Jin-soo (202cm, F), who was included in the starting lineup, did his part. Thanks to this, Hyundai Mobis led the first quarter with a score of 23-11. However, SK did not have a significant advantage in pursuit.

After Ham Ji-hoon (198cm, F) formed a mismatch, Hyundai Mobis went out. Because Ham Ji-hoon broke the defensive balance. And Seo Myung-jin and Avarientos scored 3 points in a row at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. However, Hyundai Mobis’ concentration fell sharply in the middle of the third quarter. I was shaken by the SK pursuit flow.

Hyundai Mobis, who once led 61-45 in the 3rd quarter, started the 4th quarter with a score of 64-58. Hyundai Mobis, which lost its momentum, was further shaken. The score was tied (68-68) 6:10 before the end of the game. Hyundai Mobis, who allowed a tie, could not hold out at the end. I became a victim of a reversal drama.

Hyundai Mobis coach Jo Dong-hyun said after the game, “Everyone worked hard as they prepared. However, he has a regret that ‘I wish he would have focused a little more on the winner…’. Above all, it is my responsibility as a manager that I was greatly ahead and then lost.”

After that, “(when shaking hands with director Jeon Hee-cheol), I apologized for Prim’s behavior. He’s almost finished the game, but he did something unnecessary. It was something he shouldn’t have done. He had to show a partnership spirit. In that regard, I also told director Jeon Hee-cheol, ‘I will give you caution’.”

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