Jeon In-ji, LGPA’s first hole-in-one donation of 1.3 billion… “The Most Meaningful Donation”

 Jeon In-ji (29) achieved her온라인카지노 first hole-in-one after advancing to the LPGA Tour and was able to donate about 1.3 billion won.

Jeon In-ji recorded her hole-in-one at the 17th hole (par 3) in the 3rd round of the Chevron Championship, her first major tournament this year, held at the Club Carleton Woods (par 72) in Woodlands, Texas, on the 23rd (Korean time).

The 17th hole was a hole with a donation of 1 million dollars (approximately 1.3 billion won). Following Jeon’s hole-in-one, the tournament’s sponsor, Chevron, donates $1 million to the youth golf development fund in the Houston area.

The LPGA Tour introduced, “Inge Jeon recorded her first hole-in-one on the LPGA Tour.”

In the Korean KLPGA Tour, Jeon made a hole-in-one at the 4th round 7th hole of the MBN Kim Young-joo Golf Women’s Open in September 2013 and the 17th hole of the 3rd round of the Jeju Samdasoo Masters in July 2014. For her 2014 hole-in-one, she was given a set of bang irons and a Panasonic massage chair.

On the LPGA Tour after a hole-in-one, Jeon In-ji told the LPGA Tour, “I was greedy because if I made a hole-in-one on this hole today, I could go to under par. I hit it, but it landed exactly where I wanted it and made a hole-in-one.”

Jeon In-ji said, “I was sorry that there was no car here, but after hearing about the meaning of the hole, I thought once again that this might be more valuable.”

“When I played golf and bought the things I wanted, in fact, my happiness disappeared after 2-3 days. However, if I can help someone and donate, it will continue to make me happy even after a month or a year,” he continued, “from people again. I felt as if my life was filled up when I received applause for such things.”

Jeon In-ji added, “I will be happier because I can help someone by making a hole-in-one today,” adding, “I think it’s the most meaningful hole-in-one in my life.”

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